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Lookin for a TE alliance

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Join the Spartan Defence Force; 16 Members; Blue Team Sphere.

Our own website/forum and heaps more check out our recruitment post below:

Hello from the [sDF] Spartan Defence Force, we are offering you a position in our Alliance in which we are hoping to become sanctioned. We have our own flag, automatic ranking system on our off-site website/forum, active community and much more. We offer protection, trades and a great community. If you would like to join the [sDF] change your alliance affiliation to “Spartan Defence Force” by going to ‘Edit Nation’ and then ‘Specify Other’ after that visit the below sites:

[sDF] Main Sites: Accelerate your life!

» http://s15.zetaboards.com/SDF_Forums/site «» Spartan Defence Force Website «

» http://s15.zetaboards.com/SDF_Forums/index «» Spartan Defence Force Forum «

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You could also join the Republic of White Nations, a very honourable alliance.

Visit us at www.republicofwhitenations.freeforums.org

Also, we have are very friendly with SOS-Brigade, so if your torn between us, remember that.

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