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A CDT Announcement


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As recently discussed with the CDT's membership, the exclusive membership to CDT has now been reconsidered.

From hence forth, CDT's new membership policy is thus adopted

To gain membership to Common Defense Treaty (Tournament Edition), one must fulfill one of the two following conditions

I) Hold membership for a member alliance within the Common Defense Treaty bloc in Standard Edition. Should the said alliance seperate from CDT, or the said member resigns from an alliance within the CDT, the member in question may retain his membership in the form of express permission from the government of CDT

II) Lodge a membership application to the leader of CDT (currently Popsumpot of Koulas States), while obtaining a nation strength above the current CDT alliance average at the time of application. The nation in question will then be considered and admitted into CDT with the express permission from the government of CDT. These nations will be required to sign onto the CDT forums and apply to be masked in this thread.

In other news, CDT will not be accepting diplomats from other alliances, however, all diplomats are welcome to contact us on IRC. I will always be in #UCN, however messaging me by PM is also fine.

I would also take this opportunity to remind all that ghosting CDT's AA is strictly forbidden. All nations who join CDT without the prior knowledge of the government will be given 36 hours to explain themselves. Failure to reply or leave the AA will result in any action deemed necessary by the leader of CDT, including military.

Good luck to all this round


Self-appointed Supreme Overlord

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