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Black 6BR with Uranium

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United Force

(CNTE is same as CN Regular)

Wine - Fernando12

Iron - Fernando12

Wheat - Kingneptune

Coal - Kingneptune

Marble - King Mob

Water - King Mob

Aluminum - rtellez06

Lead - rtellez06

Lumber - 1ofkind

Oil - 1ofkind

Gold - manodrizzle

Uranium - manodrizzle

6BRs - Microchips, scholars, construction, Beer, Rad Cl., Steel

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Im still waiting for trades from.

Gold - manodrizzle

Uranium - manodrizzle

Last check he was 2 days inactive and 7 trade slots were full, and unable to accept more trade offers.

Waiting for this last trade to complete trade circle.

Everyone else is good.

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I'm also waiting for "manodrizzle" I sent him a message and trade offer on th 28th, neither have been read thus far. I suggest we look for a replacement or find another trade in the meantime. He's 4 days inactive now.

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Circle Completed and missing partner came good.

We will need a replacement for Iron and wine as he is leaving. Anyone interested pm me in game or post here.

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