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Empire of Nations Central News Agency

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Welcome! Citizens of the Empire of Nations and the world to the weekly news report! As well as keeping you updated with serious news events we also give you the weekly news!


-The Empire of Nations Supreme Commander Moneroi announced yesterday a full alliance with the Kitex government. The Commander is quoted as saying "I believe that an alliance with this great government is in the best interest of our people. I hope that through time this alliance will only grow."

-The DPRK announced Wednesday an intention to receive aid from fellow nations. The DPRK is known nationally and abroad as a terrorist organization. The grand government of EON has announced that the DPRK will not be allowed to develop an army without repercussions.

-The EON launched several conter-terrorism missions, which are listed below.

1. Mission Revitalize - Global Revision Act mission was launched in the anarchist state New Cermany. No EON casualties have been reported at this point.

2. Mission Red Strife - Global Revision Act mission was launched in the anarchist state of Jetsa. 2 EON casualties have been reported.

3. Mission Grape Crush - The EON has had ongoing problems with the nation of Anulite. It has been reported in the news for months that the government of Anulite has been attempting to smuggle wine into the EON. It's common knowledge that wine may only be purchased from our great government. The EON military launched a small attack aimed at taking out several wine facilities.


-The Supreme Commander announced a massive infrastructure mission aimed at helping schools in the nation.

-The EON has expanded it's boarders this month nearly 50 miles.

-The EON has launched a massive military recruitment campaign. Visit your local office to join!

From The Commander -

"Greetings citizens! I speak with you all this week with the most humble of hearts. We have accomplished so much together over the time I have been in office. This last week in particular was extremely successful. As promised we have devoted much of the nations assets to schools. We raised nearly $30,000 in infrastructure last week. We also launched two liberation missions into anarchist states. We will develop these nations and they will become a pillar of what our goal here is! Global Power! Global Freedom! Global Success!"

-Supreme Commander Moneroi

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In a horrible act of treason and evil, Supreme Commander Moneroi was killed today by a sniper bullet. As we are still getting details about the incident, the entire state of EON has been put under lock down and martial law, with a curfew of 8:00pm in effect until further notice.

We have reports that the board member Jesse Hamric, has been chosen by unanimous vote to take power at this moment. This could mean serious changes for EON.

We will give further updates as they come on this developing story.

Edited by Jesse Hamric
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Good evening citizens! We are following the currently news and we have several top stories for you tonight. Thanks for tuning in to CNA 11oclock news!

In our first story of the night the defense secretary announced a temporary surge in the nations of New Cermany and Jetsa. The EON has been involved in an ongoing stabilization mission in both regions. The secretary denied to specify an exact number of new troops that would be involved in the surge, but did say it was due to "heightened security concerns" in both regions.

The national board voted in a new bill today that is proposed to increase infrastructure in the nation by as much as .25%. The bill is devoted to adding as many as 10 parks across the nation. They believe this will keep kids safe by allowing them a good place to stay. The first of these parks is announced to be Commander Moneroi Park, in the capital city. The park will feature a statue of the fallen commander holding a torch. I celebration and unveiling is scheduled for next week.

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News Update!

The Empire of Nations environmental head walked out of a large conference aimed at pushing worldwide legislation that would help the environment. The proposed bill would recognize global warming as a legitimate threat and place limits on all nations signing the bill, which was suggested to lower damage to the ozone layer.

The environmental chair claimed there is no hard evidence for global warming, and refused to push the bill any further through the EON courts. He claims that restrictions put on EON industries by signing the bill would damage the economy.

This is the second bill that has been turned down in recent weeks aimed at helping the environment.

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Empire Of Nations Weekly News


-A world bounty placed on the nation of Prolific Nation is still in effect today. The global power of Moonglade has placed an astounding $9,000,000 bounty on the nation of Prolific for various civil violations and gross misuse of public trust. While the EON has not addressed an interest in perusing the bounty, it has backed the effort 100%.

-Jackosia has announced Saturday that it will change it's government to a total dictatorship. This has been viewed by global powers including the EON as a step back for the nuclear power which holds a vast array of nuclear weapons and a massive air force.

-The Nation of USB is still searching for the two terrorists accused of backing the SCORPIA organization.


-Today large riots occurred in the capital of New Europa. Citizens illegally protested that the EON back down on their assault of Pirate Nation. The Commander General has yet to explain the recent large-scale military assaults on the nation, besides stating that it was a matter of national security and it was every citizens duty to back the effort. Third party news stations have reported that the Pirate Nation has launched several attacks on EON ports, but this has yet to be confirmed. The nation is watching with anxiety with worries of a large scale conflict. As far as the riots, the General has released a statement insisting that protests against the government is considered treason, and any parties found guilty will be hung. It is unclear at this moment what the effect of the riots will have on the nation.


Image of a large scale attack by the terrorist mobs in new Europa


Image of the aftermath of mob violence in a low income area of New Europa

-Operations in Hammerfel continue, with all news outlets reporting 100% victories by the Empire of Nations.

From The Commander-

"Good evening to all citizens of the Empire of Nations! This being my first address, I realize that it is very important that I put your minds at ease about my leadership. First I would like to say, my heart weeps with you all relating to the recent death of Moneroi. We cannot wallow in sorrow however, when so much strife exists in the world. Today I must announce that we have had great victories in Hammerfel, but the conflict will not stop until they agree to adopt the terms of the Global Revision Act and be annexed into the grand Empire of Nations. We will continue this policy of global annexation in nations we deem are not capable of self rule. The second thing I wish to discuss is these riots. I realize that to each citizen, and after the death of the Supreme Commander your faith in this government may be drifting. I must also however insist that you do not refer to mob violence as a solution. We have lost 14 innocent lives last week do to this reaction. Ten of our great military, the vary military here to protect you, and 4 civilians have died without cause. For that reason I am placing a curfew of 10:00pm and declaring martial law. Any citizens caught past curfew will be detained and tried for failure to obey a government order, any citizens found in a riot or protesting will be charged with treason. To some of you this may seem extreme, but I assure you, this is for the best of the nation."

-Commander General Jesse Hamric

Edited by Jesse Hamric
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News Update!

Riots continued today resulting in 4 deaths of innocent civilians. The General however released a press statement today calling again for the end of anti-government terrorist protests. He insists that the supporters of the protests have been brought to justice and that the riots will be over within the next 24 hours.

He also announced further victories in Pirate nation, also revealing that an enemy spy plane had been shot down and the pilot was currently in custody.

Further news as it breaks.

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News Update!

Good evening folks, we have breaking news for you tonight. We have just received word from our sources that all riots have ended. The man by the name of Blen Geck, a suspected terrorist turned himself into the government, and admitted that he was responsible for inciting the riots. He requested that the government impose mercy on the recent arrests and took full blame. At the current hour the streets look strangely empty and clear. We are awating a press conference at this moment from Commander General Jesse Hamric.

"Good evening Empire! I am greeting you tonight with nothing but great news. First let me start by giving you the best. All riots in our great nation have ended. The treacherous man responsible for inciting mob violence through lies and propaganda has turned himself in, and will be dealt with by the steel first of our law. I am not a man without remorse however, so I would like to announce that we will not be trying any citizens arrested for protests for treason. Instead, we will be trying them for disorderly conduct, and they will all have a 10% income tax added for a period of one year to help rebuild all that was destroyed. On the same note however, I will issue a warning that the time for mercy ends here. We will not again ever be lenient. At this point I am requesting a bill be passed to the board of directors titled Proposition A-1. This states that during a period of martial law, any citizen participating in violent protests may be shot on sight. This may seem harsh, but we must uphold the strength of this nation we have worked so hard to create.

Second, I am announcing that Martial law and the curfew are being lifted.

Third, I am announcing that we are now moving to threat level Alpha. I ask citizens not to take this the wrong way or panic. This is simply a prevenative measure in case the enemies retaliate. We must be ready on all fronts in the event of any kind of WMD attack.

The next set of good news relates to our military. We had two major victories in both the Pirate Nation and Hammerfel today. I believe that victory in these nations is near, but please, continue to grant us your support, and to those brave enough among you, join today! Thank you Empire and may you always prosper."

Commander General Jesse

Edited by Jesse Hamric
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Special Report!

Good evening citizens. This morning the Commander General received a report from the defense department outlining the new defense budget. The General has decided to release this budget to the public on the grounds that the public deserves to know that their protection is number 1. Outlined in the plan are various weapon systems which will be used by the military and police/riot police.

Report I. Military Upgrades

Budget Proposition A. Current infantry men will now be equipped with the highly reliable and powerful automatic AK-47 Assault Rifle. It will replace the outdated and inferior carbine semi automatic rifle.


Budget Proposition B. The AZ-560 automatic chain gun will now be used national defense and border security.


Budget Proposition C. The .38 Special will now be carried by all military Officers, and all Sergeants & higher enlisted members


Budget Proposition D. Eighty Zion 4 tanks have been scheduled for production. The tanks feature a standard long range cannon, duel 50 caliber machine guns, and new-age grenade resistant armor. The Tanks are not scheduled to be used in any current conflicts, but will be used in border security.


Report II. Police Upgrades

Budget Proposition A. All uniformed police will now carry upgraded versions of the Beretta 9M. All issued pistols will feature a red dot sight system.


Budget Proposition B. All uniformed police will now wear a ballistic body armor.


Report III. Riot Police Upgrades

Budget Proposition A. In the event of ANY riot during martial law, riot police will carry the Stegar 12 Gauge Shotgun. The weapon will be armed with rubber bullets, but may also be armed with live rounds in certain situations.


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We must take notice of something...the AK-47 featured is not actually an AK-47, but actually it's superior, the AK-74u.

Your attention to detail is impressive.

Yes, the weapons are u models, but we simply call them by AK-47, as it is what most people recognize.

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