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MSI leader Giorgio Almirante snatched at gunpoint

Agostinho Neto

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The massacre of Almirante's bodyguards

RAI Radio Televisione Italiana

MILANO - Former Interim President Giorgio Almirante has been kidnapped in Milan. Mr Almirante's escort of five army bodyguards were killed when he was snatched at gunpoint from a car near a cafe in the morning rush-hour.

Detectives said 12 gunmen took part in the attack on the former president as he was being driven to parliament. Army have set up dozens of roadblocks and all exits from the city are being watched. Helicopters are hovering overhead and military police officers have been sent to the airport.

The extreme right-wing Black Brigades, a paramilitary organization formed by ex members of the fascist National Republican Guard, in a telephone call to a newspaper Il Popolo D'Italia, has said it kidnapped the neo-conservative leader.

A spokesman of the Black Brigades said: "We kidnapped Giorgio Almirante. He is only our first victim. We shall hit at the heart of those who undermine the italian society." Witnesses reported seeing a white Fiat car move in front of Mr Almirante's vehicle, along with a man on a motorbike. The Fiat braked hard and Mr Almirante's car crashed into it. Gunmen jumped out of the Fiat and others who had been waiting nearby raised pistols and sub-machine guns.

"We kidnapped Giorgio Almirante" Black Brigades spokesman

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The body of kidnapped former interim President Giorgio Almirante, wrapped in a blanker and dumped in the backseat of a parked car, was found this morning in the heart of Milan, ending tragically an ordeal that traumatized Italy.

Police said the car holding Almirante's body was parked between the headquarter of the Movimento Sociale Italiano and the Partito Fascista Nazionale.

The discovery came after Military Police headquarters received an anonymous telephone call saying a bomb had been placed in a car parked near the MSI headquarter. It was not clean how he was killed, police said was loaded into a van and taken away. It was found at 6.00 local time - and police immediatly blocked off the area along the narrow street of 14th and 15th century palaces.

Since the kidnapping, the area had been one of the most heavily guarded neighborhoods of Milan.

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