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unprovoked war


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so i wake up this morning and see 9 new messages and assume the worst and it turns out to be

i was attacked by another leader im supposing of another very small alliance like mine

i had 420.00 infrastructure at least 100 tech from an active tech deal and very little soldiers so i could collect more taxes

im now at 356.33 infra. and 87.24 tech

so my question is what should i do, send peace and hope he gives up

or get some friends together and teach him a lesson?

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That would be entirely up to you.

I would suggest finding out if they have a protector before ordering a massive retaliation though, or they'll attack your weak point for massive damage.

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well its a small alliance at only two members

it looks like they are very blood thirsty, they have attacked other nations from larger alliances

i dont have vey much manpower or help on this one

peace has been declared and im looking for money to rebuild tech and infra.

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This is the reason why you need to join an alliance. They help you get reps, or help you retaliate if they don't accept. And they usually send rebuilding aid after the war.

Anyways, you said that he also attacked nations that are in large alliances. I think that there's a good chance that those alliances will try to protect their defending nations, and try to retaliate or get reps for them.

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Join an alliance. If you are ever attacked, their responsibility will be to help you a) get peace b} get reparations or c) (my favorite) kick the living hell out of your attacker for being a moron. I hear the alliance Pikachurin is in is pretty awesome!!

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