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Konpekitai no Hukkatsu


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100km south of Okinotorishima

In the moonlight, a massive fleet was moving rapidly north. One could sense that this fleet, having come all the way from Europe, was in a hurry.

A common flag could be seen on the ships; red rays on a white sky, spreading out toword the world........

OOC: The fleet passed through LVN's waters, with his permission.

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The naval/radar based built on this tiny and mainly artifical atoll housed only a few bored operators, who had almost nothing to do. Besides making sure that the islands within the atolls weren't eroded away, which could cause a loss of EEZ, it was needless to put any people on it, since who would think of annexing this place except for island-crazed idiots like Yamato and Glorious Aotearoa? With the rise of Pax Pacifica, things were all too quiet.

That is, until a fleet comprised of 44 ships suddenly appeared to the south.

"Sir, the fleet that's coming towards our position has sent us a message, which they ask to be conveyed to the Central Government!"

"What does it say?"

"Only one line: 'The Deep Blue Fleet has come back'."

"Oh my kami...... Dispatch it right now!"

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The rather tired-looking Ishima Ryu sat down with a cup of coffee, which was unusual given how he only drank it while he was aboard. He looked at the Head of the Coastal Guard, who was at the discussion table with at least half of the ministers of the government.

"What's so important as to wake me up right after I returned from Brisbane? Is it that urgent?"

"Yes, Kakka. We just got a video message from a naval fleet that's coming up from near Okinotorishima."

"Naval? How many ships?"

"According to the visuals, it's a six carrier fleet."

"SIX? Run that message right now!"

The Coastal Guard head immediately turned on the disk, and the TV screen turned on.


"I am the Fleet Admiral of the Reborn Konpekitai. We have come all the way from Danzig to rejoin with the res of the Kyokujitsijins, and i wish to meet to discuss command wishes. Please send a reply."

The short message ended. The various ministers turned to look the Prime Minister, who had frozen with his eyes wide open in shock.

"Ho, how could she be alive? Wa, wasn't she supposed to be dead during the Second Pacific War? WHY IS SHE THERE?!?!?!"

Everyone in the room was quiet, for they also were confused at the appearance at the young girl in the naval uniform of the old Kyokujitsu Imperial Navy, the uniform of the Kaigun Taisho, the Fleet Admiral, which had given only once to a female before.

To the last Prime Minister of Dai Kyokujitsu Teikoku, Ishima Kaigen.

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The fleet had docked at the most 'open' island in Yamato, where its position as the direct gateway to the West Sea (East China Sea) made it a center of maritime transportation. It was also the most strategically important island in military terms, therefore it served as the perfect place to dock.

At Naha City Hall, the government of Yamato met with the Staff of the Konpekitai, with the intention of working out the role of this independent navy. The Interior Minister of Yamato spoke first.

“May we have the name of the Fleet Admiral?”

“....... She is Seokma Haewon.” replied one of the junior officers.

“Admiral Seokma, how do you propose to have you fleet join Yamato?”

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A soft voice answered.

“The Konpekitai shall be an independent service, not subject to the subordination of the central government. We shall have our own line of command, and the only obligation being to protect Yamato from external enemies. Otherwise, we shall be free to do what we want.

Furthermore, we shall have the city of Sasebo as our headquarters, not subject to any inflience of the government, with ports at Naha and Kochi designated for our exclusive use.”

A look fo disbelief was apparent on the Yamato side.

“Do you think we would accept such outragous terms?”

A cold eye peeked from underneath the viser.

“If you are going to reject our terms,Are you willing to enforce that rejection?”

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“..... What?”

“With what Yamato forces are you going to enforce that rejection? You have no navy, and all naval engineers except ours were killed in the war. In addition, we currently have 200,000 troops coming from Prussia, who are trained to the maximum extent. Do you think you are in a position to refuse this force?”

Silence filled the room.

“I'll accept it.”

Ishima replied with his eyes drilling into Seokma, who did not return the stare.

“Then we shall go prepare for landing.”

The Fleet Admrial stood up and left the room.

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As the admiral walked down the hallway alone, a deep voice called out to her.


She stopped in her track, as Ishima Ryu caught up to her.

“How did you survive the coup by Ugaki? Weren't you shot by him?”

The girl replied without turning around.

“Ishima Kaigen is dead. I am Seokma Haewon, a different person.”


“You are incorrect, Prime Minister Ishima. Have a nice day.”

Not waiting to hear a reply she continued down the hallway, leaving Ishima behind. Small teardrops began flowing down her cheeks.

“Gomennasai, otou-sama, gomennasai..... This is the only way for us..... To be separate forever.....”

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Ishima Ryu just stood there, completely lost.

His daughter..... the daugther that he had loved the most in the world..... was telling him she was dead, even when she was right in front of her eyes. There was nothing more devestating than this second loss.

Slowly, he realized why she had done what she did. It was for the greater good, for the dream that she and planted inside him, for the vision which he shared with with his new 'daughter' It was sacrifice of love.....

'I understand Kaigen..... I shall save all my feelings for my second musume. Just..... be safe and healthy....'

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OOC: Excellent thread, just amused at how a six carrier fleet just materialized but interesting nevertheless. Keep up the excellent work, Sumer!! :D

IC: The Royal Cochin Naval task force at Vladivostok is taking note of the new developments in Yamato.

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OOC: This thread is an example of why I always like your Rp's. You consider the full spectrum of human emotion, from happiness, to selfishness, to ultimate sacrifice.

OOC: Yeah its missing only one thing...logic. Huge fleets materializing...roigggghhhhttttt

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OOC: Yeah its missing only one thing...logic. Huge fleets materializing...roigggghhhhttttt

OOC: Sorry but Sumeragi was given permission to build a fleet in Danzig months ago and she has the ships in game, it stands. It was a good read Sumeragi :)

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