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Rzeczpospolita Polska

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In Rzeczpospolita Polska, they have just been granted land for which they would be able to build their nation from the bottom up. The government, the economic system, the justice system.

In the early months, Rzeczpospolita Polska made great progress towards achieving a fully democratic government and develop a market economy. Last month, Edward Bernard Raczyński was elected President for a 7-year term. Kazimierz Sabbat, at Raczyński's request, formed a government and is currently serving as its Prime Minister, introducing world prices and greatly expanding the scope of private enterprise.

Poland's first free National Assembly elections were held 2 months ago. More than 30 parties participated, representing many of the political ideologies seen within Rzeczpospolita Polska. No individual party received more than 11.67% of the total vote. After a rocky beginning, the second round of elections were held last month, and the result became the first National Assembly to start a full term.

Raczyński walks up to a small wooden stage in the town square Kraków, the Capital of the state. He was a fairly tall man, standing at 5' 11" with a stocky body. He had a thick mustache and dark blue eyes that were like an abyss if you stared into them. He was wearing a grey suit with a blue tie. He began to speak, with a baritone voice, similar to Royal leaders that chose to gave public statements. He had the presence of a monarch, mostly due to his royal bloodlines in the Raczyński family.

"It is time for our Polish state to rise my friends. The Republic of Poland will prosper in this new age. We will develop our economy, trade with our neighbors and protect Europe from those that wish to do it harm, whether they be European themselves or Non-European."

The polish audience applauded after the short speech ended. It continued for a second after the President walked of the stage and into his car. The car drove off with police protection surrounding the man's car.

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