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A council for the improvement of the environment


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King Vincent sent an invite to all the nations of the world to meet in Nantes to talk about the world environment and how to protect it from harmful toxins. Normandie was well on its way to carbon neutrality, with wind power plants being opened in the west, tidal generators along the coast, Hydropower dams on the seine, and solar energy generators in the plains. Currently, the nation was also researching a renewable fuel, and a way to filter the exhaust to make it harmless to the environment.

With all this happening in Normandie, King Beauregard sent invitations to all the nations of the world.

Leaders of the world, my name is King Vincent I of Normandie. I invite you to the Palais Benedictine in Caen to discuss matters of the environment and a green world economy. You are invited to stay in the palace, as we have more than enough room, and you will recieve the best treatment you will recieve in all of Normandie.

Thank you, and sincerely,

King Vincent I of Normandie

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