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Dispatch from the Embattled Primarchy of Independent Citizens

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A few weeks ago, a temporary protection agreement with the Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics was reached. The expiration period on that treaty, the Tokyo-3 Compact, has since came and went. Tonight, that display of faith, trust, and friendship is renewed:


The Tokyo-3 Compact (Revised)

A protection agreement between the Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics and the Embattled Primarchy of Independent Citizens

Article I: The 'No $%@& Sherlock' Clause

Both parties agree to treat each other with the utmost civility in both public and private. Disagreements shall be settled in the proper private channels. Neither party shall engage in acts of agression against the other.

Article II: Protection Agreement

The Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics agrees to protect and defend the Embattled Primarchy of Independent Citizens from attack while this agreement is in effect. In the event that the Fellowship becomes involved in a war external to this agreement, the Primarchy may offer its assistance, but such assistance is not compulsory.

Article III: Assistance and Education

The alliances in this agreement shall work together to improve their membership training and education materials and techniques. They may also opt to assist each other on matters not directly covered under Article I.

Article IV: Review and Termination

This agreement may be terminated by either party, and shall be made null after 48 hours notice given in private by the party wishing to cancel to the other signatory. This treaty may be subject to review with agreement of both parties.

Signed for the Embattled Primarchy of Independent Citizens,

Lord Boris - Primarch

Signed for the Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics,

Canik - Grand Chancellor

ClashCityRocker - External Chancellor

Schmutte693 - Internal Chancellor

Additionally, I would like to take this time to clarify a few points of policy that have been adopted:

1. The Primarchy shall not engage in tech raids. Members violating this policy shall be forced to pay reps and risk additional disciplinary action.

2. The Primarchy shall not sentence any person to EZI. PZI against a nation is reserved for the most extreme of circumstances.

Any questions on the above material or other matters can be handled via PM, IRC (#primarchy on Coldfront), or on our forums (http://cnepic.ipbfree.com).

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I just support these treaties to see my flags posted over and over. ;)

Somebody's got to stoke your ego. Can't use weed for everything :P


Also, I love the tech-raiding and ZI policies. Very honourable. :)

I blame having mellowed in my old age. :lol1:

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