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Orbit Black DoE

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Hey everyone,

Orbit Black is here again for round 6. This will be our fourth round of exsistence. We are a very organized and unified alliance, striving to protect our nations, and to promote the general growth. We have been sanctioned in 3/4 round, and we have been ranked #5 in round 4. We hope to achieve that again in round 6. Apply, or just stop by our forums!

Forums: z13.invisionfree.com/orbit_black_cn

IRC: #orbitblack

Leader: eyerack

tl;dr: Orbit Black is back to kick some... nations.

Edited by eyerack
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I wish Orbit Black the best of Luck.

I wish to offer a declaration of mutual peace from GLOP. We are a relatively small yet enthusiastic alliance co-existing with you within the black team. TE is a world rife with conflict and as mutual alliances of the black sphere I propose we should work together where possible. If we can be of help you can find me in game under the same ruler name.

Game on!

King Wally

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