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What does one do when the world is quiet?

Maelstrom Vortex

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The caravan quietly hiked up to the base camp at 17,600 feet. Anthony Davis was notified that he was to be under control of State affairs and Imperial Legislature affairs for the next few weeks or until the Chairman returned.. whichever happened quicker. He walked slowly up the gravel slope towards the camp. He looked to his trainer, "This is going to be some real fun. I've always wanted to do this, just never had the chance due to geopolitical factors. You bring the flag with ya?"

"Yup, flag's in the pack." Nathaniel Greer would respond. "You really up to this? It isn't an easy climb."

"If I wanted something easy, I'd have arranged for a vacation in Bermuda. Besides.. I think I'm faintly in better physical condition to handle this climb than most human beings." Maelstrom chuckled, "Already paid the Sherpas?"

"Yup paid, here, with their gear.. ready to go when we are. They're meeting us up in the camp."

"Good. Didn't want to leave any loose ends make sure we're all ready to go." He huffed faintly, catching his breath from the long hike. They sat down.. took a quick break while they were on semi-even ground. Maelstrom gnawed on a Granola bar.. blueberry, his favorite flavor. "I'm tempted to leave the flag up there.. given.. you know.. it is Dragonisian now.. but I don't think it'd be good Karma to claim something that should be the world's to share."

"I agree.. raise it for a minute for the National Press and then bring it back with us. Display it in the capitol. You can be one of the few heads of state to ascend the tallest summit on earth." Nathaniel would chuckle. "Assuming we live to tell about it." He grinned.

"You might not, but I'll be damned if I'm going to let a mountain kill me." The Chairman smirked.

"Always so self confident. That's going to bite you in the $@! one day." Nathaniel chuckled as he sipped some coffee he'd poured from his thermos.

"Perhaps so, but I'm fortunate that mountains don't have teeth." He let out a long yawn.. "At least not ones like mine. I'll just bite the !@#$%^& back."

Nate shook his head, "I wouldn't take that rock face for granite.. you might just break those sharpies there."

Maelstrom snorted, "Alright, I can tell when I'm being pun-ished for my behavior.. lets get moving again." He finished his granola bar and picked up his rather large climbing pack and started up the trail to base camp again. "Are we there yet?"

"Oh no.. you're not going to start that nonsense this far out are ya or I'm leavin." Nate chuckled.

"I don't know what's going to be more lethal Nate.. our humor or that mountain." He snorted

"At the rate YOU are going.. it will be YOUR humor." Nate retorted.

"The dueling amateur commedians.. round 1... Mount Everest.." He grinned. "I'm glad I'm going to be keeping a diary of this.. maybe someone back home will turn it into a comedy."

ooc: More to come, just not tonight ^..^

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The next leg of the Journey didn't leave much to laugh about. It was an incredible challenge.. talons on digits or not.


The struggle to 19,500 feet was quite treacherous with large gaps in the ice falls a constant peril. Fortunately, they had sufficient ice picks, carabiners, and quick draws to keep them from plunging to their doom. A couple of times the chairman slipped and almost tested the strength of the hold of those anchors. Nervously, he continued to climb.. more than happily, they arrived at the respite of the camp in the valley of silence..


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