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The Hellcats are looking for players who are seeking a place to belong. We currently are offering a Stimulus program to our nations fewer than 10,000, as well as the opportunity for getting involved in Tech Deals, not just within our own alliance but with other alliances that we work with.

The Hellcats are about the growth and development of small nation, Tech Deals can be arranged in many of the difffernt set ups, we also will provide detailed information to help developing nations grow, any questions asked will be answered.

The Hellcats have many opportunities for rank advancement and Government jobs are still available.

(Please submit your Resume to me in game at http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=253561 My nation name is Arctic Bearland)

The Hellcats are named after the 1st Battalion 506th Infantry Regiment HHC, a unit in which I proudly served in.

To join the Hellcats please contact me.

our forum link: http://z3.invisionfree.com/1st_506th_Hellcats/index.php?

1.) Admission

--A.) General Admission

---a.) All nations not on any ZI lists or EZI lists are applicable for the Hellcats.

---b.) If a nation is in a state of war, then they must specifically state so in their application.

---c.) Nations must post an application in the following format:

Ruler Name:

Nation Name:

Previous Alliance Affiliation (AA):

Nation Link:

What you hope to achieve as a Hellcat member:

War Status:

--B.) Loyalty

---a.) All nations who apply agree to not be a part of any other alliance.

---b.) They agree to be completely loyal to the Government of the Hellcats.

-2.) Government

--A.) Executive Branch

---a.) The President is the sovereign head of the alliance and is in position for life. If they step down, they must appoint a successor. He or she may veto any action of the Senate, executive approval. He may sign treaties along with the other Executives, with approval of the senate. If he is inactive for a period of more than 20 days, without prior reporting he is considered inactive and his dismissed and a new VP is appointed with executive approval. They may make a DoW request to the Senate.

---b.) The Vice President is the head of all judicial affairs, and is second-in-command to the President and is first in the line of succession. He has all the powers of the president but may not veto, and is in the position for life. If he is inactive for a period of more than 20 days, without prior reporting he is considered inactive and his dismissed and a new VP is appointed with executive approval.

---c.)The High Regent is third in command to the President. He has all the powers of the Vice President except for the DoW requests and power of judicial affairs, and is in the position for life. He is also in-charge of the senate and has the power to remove them from power with consent of half of the senate and other executives. If he is inactive for a period of more than 20 days, without prior reporting he is considered inactive and his dismissed and a new HR is appointed with executive approval.

-- B.)Ministry

---a.) All ministers are appointed by the Executives. They are each in charge of their own departments and may appoint members to help them carry out their proper responsibilities.

---b.)Each minister’s responsibilities are listed below

----1.) Ministry of Foreign Relations- This department is in charge of the relationship between our alliance and other nations as well as other alliances.

----2.) Ministry of Internal Affairs-This department is in charge of all internal affairs and is thus in charge of the relations between members of the Hellcats. They are to resolve minor internal disputes and are along with the DoF, conduct tech deals. They also hold elections.

----3.) Ministry of Finance-. This Department is in charge of all financial affairs and policies of the Hellcats. They are to moderate tech deals and are responsible for the economic situation of the alliance, and are to give out aid, as required, and establish a bank.

----4.) Ministry of Defense-The DOD is in charge of the common defense of all of the members of the Hellcats. They may request a DoW to the President or Vice President.


---a.) There will be 5 senators, with 1 additional senator for every 20 alliance members.

---b.) They are all elected once every 3 months, and may be elected unlimited times.

---c.) They may approve all DoW and Treaties with 2/3 vote.

---d.) They may also remove any other govt. official with 2/3 majority.

---e.) If a senator is inactive for over 20 days, then he is considered to have resigned and new elections will be held within one week to fill his seat.

---f.) The Senate must also approve, all amendments with 2/3 vote.


---a.) Elections will be conducted once every 3 months for senators.

---b.) DoIA is incharge of all Elections.

---c.)Each election may only last 1 week, starting 1 week before the end of a term.


---a.)If a any executive/cabinent member has been inactive for a period of 15 days, then any non-govt. holding member may be appointed with executive and senate approval. They will be known as "Acting..(title)", if the official in question is not active in the next 5 days, the appointed will be a replacement.

---b.)During a crisis situation, the chain of command will be:


----2.)Vice President

----3.)High Regent



---c.)In the above order, the highest ranking offical(if none, then oldest/wisest member/official) shall do what is best for the alliance. They may do as they see required but may not declare war, cancel treaties, etc.,

---d.)If the situation is dire then the executives have the power to do as they wish, but may not Declare war, unless attacked.

-3.) Amendments

--a.) Amendments can be proposed by any member of the Hellcats.

--b.) If an amendment has been approved by all executives and ½ of all ministers then it may be sent to the Senate for full approval.

--c.) If the Senate approves with a 2/3 vote, then the Amendment may be added under here.


--a.)The Executives may suspend this document with unanimous senate approva

--b.)No democratically, peacefully, and fairly elected or appointed official will be ordered to step down unless found guilty of a crime against the alliance, Planet Bob, or any other alliance in general, unless specifially told to


Captain B. Bear

Commanding General


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As was stated earlier, we have a 3 million Stimulus program for nations under 10K NS. Tech deals are available for both buyers and sellers.

The Hellcats alliance is up to 10 memebers, and is still looking for new recruits. If you are interested in joining us, please feel free to contact myself or Baltus either in game or here on this thread.

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The hellcats are an alliance of many colors, and we do not hold your past against you. All we ask is that you come to us with no conflicts and a willingness to help smaller nations grow or be a small nation willing to grow

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Are you guys going through with merging with the NWO? I had an ally in the NWO ask me if MVM was interesting in joining in. I was just wondering if you all went through with it.

Is MVM wanting to merge? If so, let me know. We would still love to see the Hellcats merge with us. We would def become a powerful alliance.

Something to consider.....

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