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West Africa


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Pelee Shoustin sat grimaced over his laundered desk. Archon Mykep had stepped down and was replaced by a belligerent general. A military regime along the borders of Mechodamia couldn't be allowed... it was unacceptable... it was a security risk. At any given point this new Archon could rummage his forces and launch a seeking strike against any of the provinces. Though Mechodamia has a technological edge over The Republic, many lives would still be lost... let alone an inevitable war of attrition.

Kilik was away in Hansa, though he was summoned back. Whether or not the transmission had reached him was still unknown. Mechodamia was Republic-born. Their entire lives were consumed in fealty to Archon Mykep and now he was gone... The Republic knightly in disarray with the appointment of this dictator. And NAPO came in... claimed protectorate-status over the land.

Pen was instantly met with the rigid paper that lay before him. In articulate mentioning and movements, he wrote the following statement to be sent to the NAPO:

To whom it may concern within NAPO,

The Republic stands in disarray. Archon Mykep has left to a sanctum of privacy and seclusion. For our entire lives we, members of the United States of Mechodamia, have lived under the rule of The Republic. The government did so much for us, and our secession was due to an issue over policies and nudity.

We are Republican born citizens. It is our homeland, our origins... and to see another nation claim it would be disgusting and foul and demeaning to our heritage. It is with this that I, Grand Patriarch and Vice Prefect of the United Mechodamian States, hereby claim the remnant lands of The Republic as lands under the guise and ownership of Mechodamia.

For years we have worked closely with the previous Archon Mykep and we know the direction he had led the country. To watch as a man, belligerent and bellicose, take over and launch a policy that is unacceptable... we refuse to watch a nation we hail from fall apart in ruins. We have the strength, determination, aptitude, and understanding to bring The Republic back into one unified nation under the banner of the United Mechodamian States. We have the technology to rebuild her... give us this chance and the returns will be well worth it.

Let the people who hail from The Republic own The Republic... not outsiders who only wish to pursue colonist and imperialistic ambitions. Let us take these lands under our wings and bring back the glory that Archon Mykep was known for. All of the signatories of NAPO, in whom only support 'Africans for Africa'... we are African, so let us set our own ambitions by granting us this ceded land from chaos. You must remember that people are living in this protectorate with, essentially, no government... the longer one waits, the longer they suffer in an anarchistic maelstrom.


Pelee Shoustin... Grand Patriarch of the United Mechodamian States

The statement was sent out and Pelee slumped in his chair. As usual he was being his lazy self, but his eye caught something outside the window... he just didn't know what it was just yet.

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In Kilik's absence, Pelee ordered the nation's largest propaganda operation to date. Broadcasts, newspaper articles, and even the special prize in ever Cracker Jack bag would begin persuading residents of The Republic to accept the annexation brought forth by the United Mechodamian States.

An issue over those broadcasts was curtly made.

"My fellow Republicans... I am Pelee Shoustin, Grand Patriarch of the United Mechodamian States in the stead of Kilik Torqameda. In your time of great peril and need, though under the protectorship of NAPO, we are here to comfort you. Bring us your poor, you sick, your elderly, and we will offer you protection and sustenance. We, like you, hail from The Republic. And that is why only Republicans should be able to lead you all. This is why we, the United Mechodamian States, hereby claim all lands formerly known as The Republic under the national status as the United Mechodamian States. The assimilation shall begin."

And with that Mechodamian soldiers, along with food trucks and helicopters filled with essential items, began crossing the UMS-Republic border.

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