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Syrup and poutine? Join The Confederation of Canada

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A Mari Usque Ad Mare ~ From Sea to Sea

Hey there! Recruitment is becoming increasingly harder for the little guys these days so we at The Confederation of Canada are opening this topic to encourage recruitment. We're your average Canadians and Co., we're not just a rag-tag bunch of Canadians as everyone is welcome. We have Armenians, Latvians, Americans, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Germans etc. So join our oddly shaped community by visiting our forum and dropping some posts HERE.

We won't bore you with our policies and all that, you can check our Declaration of Existence if that is what you are after, by visiting HERE. We'll just simply introduce our way of life in igloos and so forth (we understand the stereotypes, can't beat them so we might as well back them up).

So we at The Confederation of Canada like to try and help others by encouraging them as much as we can to take part in discussions and likewise, encourage them to tell us something about themselves quite often. We have a strong open-border policy and anyone is allowed to join really. We may be a small alliance but we can offer benefits that a large alliance can offer as well, so all it boils down to is where you want to be. I won't highlight much, however, we offer basic guides to help boost your nation's efficiency and ensure growth faster than normal (providing you're a smaller nation and whatnot), extensive aid packages and starter's aid as well as sincere donations based on your activity within the forum and community. Essentially, everyone gets rewarded at random. We offer seclusion and protection, freedom and equality and moreover, peace, justice and good government.

I will clearly answer any and all questions, this may not be what the community here would expect, I wanted to keep things short and precise. Tidbits if you will.

We are anxiously awaiting newcomers, though not necessarily new players, just newcomers to The Confederation of Canada. It is quite hard in trying to persuade people to join a Canadian themed alliance. So if you're interested, I will highlight the contact details once more:


The Right Honourable, Prime Minister John A MacDonald

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I just joined, as well as a few others.

It's really nice to be able to get the help you need, and get in on the ground level of a relaxed and eager alliance.

If anyone has questions PM John or anyone in the above posts, heck even me!!

P.S You don't need to Canadian to join. We have plenty of poutine, maple syrup and Canadian whiskey to go around.

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I just heard Alanis Morisette may stop by and Michael Buble. Wow word about joining TCOC gets around fast.

By the way if you lick your screen, NO NOT KREESHA (nasty old men) the Royal Crown you can almost taste it.

Alright not really........But was fun trying..... :lol1:

And have some Poutine, it's a real treat.


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