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Fark announces it's Gov for next round!

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The current Gov Triumvirate of Beer, Bacon and Boobies of Fark TE wishes to announce the ALL! NEW! BRIGHTER! CLEANER! IT CHOPS, IT SLICES, IT KEEPS YOU FROM HAVING A BORING LIFE! Fark TE Gov for next round.

After we cleaned the spilled beer out of the voting machines that we borrowed from the Government of Iran, and unplugged the various wires and patchcords that someone had hooked up to them for some unknown reason, we can say with absolute certainty that Fireguy15207[fark], beachrat[Fark], and ShadeKnight[Fark] won with a 67% vote margin! This is a great show of the people's support for the Democratic Republic of Farkistan! Praise be to FSM!

There was much rioting great joy and celebration much drinking of beer and eating of bacon afterwards!

Our new Triumvirate of Beer, Bacon, and Boobies for next round is:




All of these are their IRC nicks and we can be reached on Coldfront in #TEFark

And that's about all we have to say about that!




(outgoing gov)

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