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Italian local elections

Agostinho Neto

Italian local elections  

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RAI Radio Televisione Italiana

BOZEN - Comandante Borghese's Government is hoping to limit the damage in the first round of local elections, as the country's turbulent politics continued to grab the headlines.

Voters also cast ballots in a referendum that will give more autonomy to the region Friuli-Venezia Giulia, but analysts say the initiative may fail to get the 30 votes needed to be valid.

Alfons Benedikter's Südtiroler Volkpartei will run for the local election in coalition with Borghese's Partito Nazionale Fascista, while MSI's (Movimento Sociale Italiano) Giuseppe Marino will challenge the coalition. PNF's candidate is ex member of the Partito Fascista Repubblicano Giuliano Gozi.


PARTITO NAZIONALE FASCISTA "PNF" (National Fascist Party) (PNF-SVD Coalition)

Candidate: Giuliano Gozi

Ideology: Corporate Economy, Italian Fascism


SÜDTIROLER VOLKSPARTEI "SVP" (South Tyrolean People's Party) (PNF-SVD Coalition)

Candidate: Alfons Benedikter

Ideology: South Tyrolean Autonomism



Candidate: Giuseppe Marino

Ideology: Free Market, Neo-Conservative

Voting ends on July 1 at 00.00

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