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Citadel Announcement

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Official Announcement from The Citadel

Notice of Expulsion


The Citadel was originally formed by the confluence of four alliances with common goals, visions and methods, uniting on those commonalities to form a stronger whole. The signatories all felt that each other could be relied upon in any situation, and that each other could, further, be relied upon to, regardless of the situation, always, at heart, the place Citadel as a priority above all others. Indeed, the alliances that have been admitted to the bloc since its inception are entities that the rest felt shared the aforementioned qualities, and, as with any other bloc---but perhaps especially with the Citadel---that such would remain so with all signatories was vital to the health of the bloc.

Unfortunately, it is the opinion of the others that Old Guard no longer partakes in the bloc-related ideals shared by the rest of the signatories. Past foreign affairs- related actions of Old Guard raised questions regarding their priorities and whether they still partook in the mutual bond shared by the rest of us; and as a further exacerbation to the issue, certain Old Guard government logs came to light that raised the question amongst the rest of us as to whether Old Guard viewed the bloc as the rest of us did, or, rather, if they viewed it as simply a tool.

Whatever the case, it has been decided by the other signatories that the trust necessary for membership in the bloc no longer lies with Old Guard. As such, Article IX of the Lux Aeterna has been invoked, and a vote on the matter has expelled Old Guard from the Citadel. This is not a parting born of hostility; indeed, several alliances in the bloc will still hold separate MDoAPs with that alliance. Rather, this action is merely a reflection of the prevailing opinion amongst the other signatories that Old Guard's presence in the bloc is not, at present, constructive to the well-being of the bloc.

It should be noted that this decision came after a long process of discussions on the matter, both inside the bloc and within the respective alliances; indeed this was a matter of the utmost seriousness and, given their status as a signatory of the bloc, it was, of course, owed to Old Guard that the matter be extensively and acutely evaluated before any decision was made. In the end, it was decided that no sufficient capacity for change existed in Old Guard; members of government who had been responsible for the execution of the decisions that caused the definite divergence between Old Guard and the other signatories of the bloc had been continually retained in office by the membership, and, indeed, the membership had voted in favor of many of the measures in question. As such, it was felt by many that the membership of Old Guard, rather than the government only, was culpable for the courses of action that Old Guard as an alliance chose to commit itself to; it was felt that the issue lay in the character of the population of the alliance, that such could not simply be expected to change, and that, thus, second chances were not a concept viably applicable in this instance. If it had been felt in any significant measure that the situation had any viable chance of being resolved, then all measures would have been undertaken to that effect; unfortunately, such was not the case in this instance.

We wish Old Guard the best of luck, though this is by no means an eternal goodbye.


For Argent,

Janax, Dragon Regent

Rustynail, ViceRegent

Diomede, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Claroqsi, Minister of Internal Affairs

An_Agent, Minister of War

Poobah, Council

Emperor Of Cheese, Council

Fuzz227, Council

For The Fifth Column Confederation,

Methrage, King

Bradicus, Director of Foreign Affairs

For The Order of the Paradox,

Khyber, Grandmaster

Longbowe, Grand Hospitaller

WalkerNinja, Grand Chancellor

For Umbrella,

Roquentin, Triumvir

Xavi, Triumvir

Jeoh, Triumvir

For The Grämlins,

Ejayrazz, Praetor

Bob Janova, Executor

Egwaterboy61, Judicator

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I wish the best of luck to Old Guard, it is unfortunate it has reached this point. It brings sadness to myself to see an alliance as an original founder to part ways, brings back the old memories which existed when we first began our ambitions together. I upset this is gone, but happy it happened. Best of wishes.

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Good luck to OG, we still have our MDoAP if you need us.



hahahhaa. Reyne! You got what was coming to you! You all deserve so much worse than this- oh well. It's a start.

Reyne left for argent.

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hahahhaa. Reyne! You got what was coming to you! You all deserve so much worse than this- oh well. It's a start.

There are some good people in Old Guard. Old Guard is more than 1 person.

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hahahhaa. Reyne! You got what was coming to you! You all deserve so much worse than this- oh well. It's a start.

This disturbs me because Reyne isn't even in OG.


I guess it's become common practice to condemn alliances because of one person.....

EDIT: Just saw AirMe's post :wub:

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