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Joint Rebel Army - Freistaat Preußen Announcement


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The Prussians in the Desert Treaty


The undersigned nations of Freistaat Preußen and Rebel Army, recognizing the bonds of friendship between the two, hereby enter into a bond of mutual defense and optional aggression.

Article I. Non Aggression

Freistaat Preußen and Rebel Army hereby agree to non-aggression. Neither signatory will launch military, political, or covert operations against the other.

Article II. Trade

The undersigned nations also agree to lift all tariffs on trade between their nations.

Article III. Mutual Defense

An attack upon one signatory will be considered an attack upon both, and will be treated as such.

Article IV. Optional Aggression

Should either signatory find itself commencing/beginning a war for whatever reason, the other signatory has the option to assist the other signatory in the conflict, but is under no obligation to do so.

Article V. Cancellation

Either signatory may cancel this treaty at any time, provided that they inform their counterpart of their intentions at least 48 hours in advance. This treaty will still be in effect during those 48 hours.

Signed for Freistaat Preußen,

Signed for Rebel Army,

Lavo Shalam, Prime Minister

Mohammed Hazzan, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Once this treaty was signed, Lavo was quoted as saying: "Prussia's been away far too long."

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