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An annoucement from TRF and ACF

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The Righteous Fist and the Aquatic Coalition Front present..............

The Mega Super Sexy Optional Defense Aggression Pact!

It was an evening back in the day, some people in The Righteous Fist thought to be our friends deserted us for their cause. TRF did what any other alliance or person would do, picked up the pieces they left behind and put them back into play. We then stopped over by the docks to visit some old friends. We were greeted by a man who had just docked after an expedition with some major leadership changes, his name was tehol. He invited us on board to have a drink and discuss life, and we then brought to the table that we have been friends for so long but have never bonded. Both of us were appalled by this, and so this treaty was born.


The sovereign alliances of The Righteous Fist and the Aquatic Coalition Front have come together in the interest of friendship and alliance growth. Both alliances hereby swear to agree upon all articles in this treaty.

Section One - Non Aggression

Article I

All members of TRF and ACF enter into a commitment of peace towards each other. No nation of either party shall declare war with the intention to attack or any other aggressive force. Also both parties will not threaten or abuse members in public and private channels. Both parties also agree not to assist the enemy of either Alliance through any means during periods of conflict.

Article II

Both parties agree that if a member of their alliance violate Article I by aggressive assault this attack will be condemned within 24 hours of it occurring. The member attacked will not retaliate during this period to allow for the proper diplomatic talks. Reparations for this violation will be at a minimum of 125% of the damage caused.

Article III

Both parties agree that if a member of either party threatens or abuses a member of either party that this attack will be condemned within 24 hours of it being noticed. The member responsible will be punished according to their alliance's charter.

Section Two - Optional Defense

Article IV

In the event that one signatory alliance is attacked by an outside party, or has reasonable proof of imminent attacks from an outside party, the other signatory alliance will decide whether to offer political, financial, military, or no assistance to defend the members of the attacked signatory alliance, and attempt to cease all hostilities.

Section Three - Optional Aggression

Article V

In the event that one Signatory Alliance attacks an Outside Party the other Signatory Alliance will decide whether to offer political, financial, military, or no assistance to help the other alliance in their cause.

Section Four - Mutual Intelligence

Article VI

If either Party receives sensitive information regarding the other Party, they agree to share said information and the source of it with the intent to protect the security and honor of both Signatories.

Section Five - External Treaties

Article VII

In the event of conflict arousal with external alliance agreements that interfere with this agreement, it shall remain active and those conflicts shall be resolved on a case by case basis.

Article VIII

In the extremely depressing event that either signatory alliance feels that they need to withdraw from this extremely sexy ODAP a minimum of 48 hours notice must be given. During these sad 48 hours the treaty is still in full effect.

Signed for ACF:

tehol ~ Supreme High Councilman

kwpag ~ High Councilman

Oppressor of Worlds ~ High Councilman

Signed for TRF:

TRF General Assembly

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It seems to me that the Corporation of Serious Business has beat you to the punchline with posting these "optional" treaties.

How "last 15 minutes" can you get?

Nevertheless, congratulations on your treaty.

It could be that we weren't prepared at the moment to sign an MDP but still wanted to recognize our bonds of friendship <_<

And thanks for the congrats -_-

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