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Buryatia calls elections

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Buryatia Central News Agency (BCNA)


"This morning the mandate of the Transitional Authority of the United Kingdom of Buryatia (UKB) expired. The Transitional Authority was tasked with guiding the policy of the nation until the necessary framework for conducting elections was established. As this goal has been met, the Transitional Authority dissolved itself and has called a Legislative and Presidential Election to be held in the next few days. Several parties have started to campaign across the country, and the government has announced an international press conference to be held with the various candidates. This press conference gives the public and the international community a chance to learn more about the different political parties and leadership candidates in the country.

In line with the law, all contributions from organizations outside of the country are strictly prohibited."


Buryatia Liberation Party (BLP) – The political wing of the Mongolian Liberation Army (MLA) that shot to prominence during its several armed conflicts with the government of Vaule. The group renounced violence and reformed as a political party after the signing of the Reconciliation Agreements. The Party is led by Dr. Natalya Zhukova, and is to the left of the political spectrum.

Democratic Party of Buryatia (DPB) - A new political movement that is generally centrist. The DPB advocates economic conservatism and some social liberalism. The party believes that the state should not attempt to intervene in the national economy without just cause. The DPB is led by Mr. Aleksandar Altan-enkh.

Party Of Workers (POW) – The Party of Workers is a socialist leaning party that leans to the left. The POW is led by Mr. Naranbatariin Ivaanjav

Pan Asia Party (PAP) – The PAP believes in greater trade ties with other nations in the Asian region in the hopes of eventually creating a unified economic and political consensus across the continent. While the group does not advocate for the creation of a Super-state, they do advocate for the creation of an Asian Economic Zone as a step towards a common economic and monetary policy for the Asian continent. The PAP is led by Mr. Vladimir Zhukovsky

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"To each candidate. What will be your policy in regards to foreign relations?"

“We intend to pursue a moderate foreign policy with the primary focus on the Asian region. Our foreign policy would seek to expand diplomatic and economic ties primarily in Asia and Europe within the context of the Constitutional Treaty Restrictions”-Dr. Natalya Zhukova (BLP)

“While we are open to the idea of diplomatic ties with other like minded nations around the world, we will generally pursue a non-Interventionist foreign policy with the aim of promoting diplomacy over conflict.”-Mr. Aleksandar Altan-enkh (DPB)

“The POW shall focus our foreign policy aims on establishing diplomatic ties with nations who we believe can contribute to stability in our region. We will also debate the merits of participation in Diplomatic Initiatives such as the World Congress, or similar organizations”-Mr. Naranbatariin Ivaanjav (POW)

“Our intentions are to pursue the necessary diplomacy and discussions to facilitate the creation of a unified Asia Economic Zone and preliminary discussions regarding the formation of a Pan Asian political union.”- Mr. Vladimir Zhukovsky (PAP)

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Voting results have shown that Mr. Vladimir Zhukovsky of the PAP is predicted to win the Presidency. The Legislative Election results are too close to call with 24% of the vote counted. While the PAP has a slight lead so far, the lead could easily be eroded by several other parties as vote counting continues.

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Breaking News: Election results in!

“We have now confirmed that the election results have been released by the Buryatia Election Certification Board (BECB). According to the results, the Party of Workers has managed to gain the largest number of seats in Parliament, but has failed to gain the necessary 50% for a complete majority. With 315 of the 700 seats (45%), the Party of Workers will attempt to appoint a Speaker and a Majority Leader in the next few days. The Party of Workers is all but assured control of the Legislature unless the Pan Asia Party, with 210 seats, and the Democratic Party, with 154 seats manage to work out a coalition agreement.

In the Presidential Elections, the Pan Asia Party’s Vladimir Zhukovsky has won just over 50% which is enough to avoid a runoff vote. The Party of Worker’s Mr. Ivaanjav came a distant second with 39% while the BLP’s Dr. Zhukova gained less than 1%.

At this time, the President-elect, and the Parliament are locked in a meeting with Queen Yulia to decide on how to proceed. The President-elect has asked for more time to form a coalition bloc capable of commanding a majority, while Mr. Ivaanjav is asking for the Queen to allow his party to rule as a minority government. Any decision on this matter would also impact the elections to the People’s Committee (Senate), whose membership is determined by the Parliament, President and the populace.

A decision is expected by tomorrow morning.”-BCNA Reporter

==Detailed Results==


-Legislative Election (Parliament)


-Presidential Election

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