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A joint Khaz Modan - Respublica Populus Announcement

Krunk the Great

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The PM List Accords

Alek|Afk - Krunk_the_Great[LoSS|MoRE] DAP

Preamble: In order to ensure the glowy state of our respective nations, Respublica Populus (Hereafter known as Alek|Afk) and Khaz Modan (Hereafter known as Krunk_the_Great[LoSS|MoRE]) enter into this Definite Aggression Pact in the hopes that they will be on each others nuke rogue list when committing LUEcide.

Article I: One, Two, Three, Four, I declare a thumb war

The countersigned hereby agrees to a state of NO U warfare with the other in the international forum (hereafter known as IRC for no known reason)

Article II: You're on my Rogue list when I leave

The countersigned hereby agrees that when either decide to leave the game, they will nuke rogue the other. If the one leaving is below the range of the other, they shall pretend to nuke each other.

Article III: Quit Stealing my tech!

The countersigned agrees to advertise their tech buying slots wherever the other advertises their own slots. They will then commence to play Uno on IRC to decide the winner of any sellers that come along

Article IV: That's it, You're on the PM list!!

The countersigned agrees to send PMs to the other with the appearance of official PMs to their respective alliances, of course removing OPSEC information and linking to a link that the other will never see.

Article V: My Daddy can beat up your daddy

The countersigned agrees to engage in MY ALLIANCE > YOUR ALLIANCE warfare when the mood strikes them in IRC.

Article VI: Termination

This treaty shall be considered null and void when one of the undersigned shall join the alliance of the other under their own will and volition.

Signed for Khaz Modan:

--The Lord Protector of the Holy Flame, the Holy Lord Masamune, Alchemist of the Supreme Fire, His Holiness Krunk_the_Great[LoSS|MoRE]

Signed for Respublica Populus:

--Supreme Overlord of Caps Lock, Hops Abuse Chairperson, and Hater of Less Than Three, Alek|afk

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