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CSB - ARES treaty cancellation

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We Interrupt your Current Broadcast

For an Important Corporate Bulletin

Dear citizens of Planet Bob,

Today, June 24, 2009, marks an important day in the political climate we all share. While the Corporation of Serious Business and the Ascended Republic of Elite States have a long running history of minor skirmishes and shenanigans directed at one another, we resolve to put all of this in the future as we present to you the cancellation of our optional non aggression pact.

I. Sovereignty

Both ARES and CSB optionally agree to respect one another's sovereignty. This optionally includes impeding on this sovereignty through espionage or overthrowing their respective governments. Like that will ever happen.

II. Optional non-aggression

At any time, either signatory can optionally chose to be non aggressive towards the other. I guess, if you want to be logical about this, the opposite is true as well, but let's not think like that. We're trying to get a start here, give us some credit already.

Should either signatory come under military attack by another alliance, the other signatory is not obligated in any way to respond with military support.

Signed for CSB:

Magnum T Gundraw



Signed for ARES:



The Corporation of Serious Business

In an Effort to Prevent Future Diplomatic Incident

ARES has demonstrated an intolerable degree of uppityness all afternoon. It got weird. Quickly.

Thank you and, as always, we thank you in advance for your Continued Professionalism.

This has been a



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You realize they cancelled it, right?

Yes just got home and read this treaty, just edited my topic as well, thanks for the heads though, gosh I hate coming in right as the juicy stuff happens XD

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