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1)Bushido is a feudal Japan themed alliance. We orient ourselves around the Bushido code(Samurai Code). We are a multi-colored, high average NS alliance, that is semi-nuetral. We have been around for quite a while(around 2 years).

2)Our goals are to grow, stay safe, and make allies.

3)We have an MDP with GLOF, and ToA with URSA

4)We are currently recruiting high quality (active members, so you'll have to be active on our forums), and are initiating a massive NS jump program(by focus aiding our lower Ns nations).

5)We are very open, and have a friendly government. If you are active, committed and loyal, opportunities for advancement will present themselves. We are meritocracy.


Forums: http://z11.invisionfree.com/BushidoAllianc...dex.php?act=idx

Wiki: http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Bushido

In-Game stats: http://www.cybernations.net/stats_alliance...lliance=Bushido

If you are interested in learning more sign up on the forums; and feel free to message me in-game or on these forums.

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•A run down of your alliance:

A small alliance on white team, called the Russian Empire.


Get 100 members by 2009.


The Empire Of Germany.


Socialist peoples.


Kingdom of Poland.

Finnish Cooperation Organization.

Democratic Order Of Anarchy.

•Growth Schemes:

We provide lots of help, as a small alliance.


We're holding elections for Duma in January. We also have positions available as ministers and deputy ministers.

Edit: Forums at Russianempire.forummotion.com.

Edit2: Got that list.

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  • A run down of your alliance
    House Atreides is a DUNE-Themed alliance striving for an active and intelligent membership. We're run by a Duke and four appointed advisors. Currently, we have 10 member nations and a total NS of over 260k.
  • Goals
    Heh... Well, we DO have some impressive long-term goals planned. Obviously we have to keep them secret for the time being. The only real thing keeping us back is a lack of manpower.
  • Treaties
    Protectorate with Zenith
    Membership in SNOW Econ Bloc on White Sphere.
    We plan to avoid signing any further treaties until we've got more members and at that point, we would only be signing what CN would consider 'optional' treaties. If we go to war, it will be for what's RIGHT, not just to honor obligations.
  • Growth Schemes
    Any help you need, we will see that you get it. Though we only have 10 members, our top four range from 30-100k NS so we've got the ability to help when needed. Zenith has also proved more than willing to help our our smaller members with Tech Deals.
  • Advancement
    Rank Promotions and acheivement medals are our main source of advancement. We have a minimal government by design, and they are directly appointed by the Duke. Should you prove your mettle well enough, you may find yourself as an advisor or advisor's assistant. Also, those secret plans I mentioned will require lots of active Atreides to carry out. You could very well find yourself with a non-government position vital to our 'Golden Path'. ^^d

Feel free to visit our boards at http://atreides.greengrassmo.com !

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* A run down of your alliance

Hello there. My name is Hellbilly. My alliance is the North American Confederacy (NAC). We are not really a themed alliance, but we are extremely loyal to each other. We are a new small alliance on the purple sphere. We are looking for members that want a friendly environment to grow their nation.

* Goals

As with most alliances, our goals are to grow our alliance into whatever the future holds. Of course we would be okay becoming huge, but we are just as satified if we remain smaller. Its all about comraderie here at the NAC. We have some fresh new ideas and some great members. Whatever the future holds, we will be there together.

* Treatys

Right now we only have a treaty with our Protector, Invicta.

* Growth Schemes

We have several great ideas for nation/alliance growth. As we grow we will implement them. For now, education, aid and tech deals are what we rely on mostly.

* Advancement

As our alliance grows, so will our government. If you are an active member with the skills and experience, then getting into government shouldnt be too hard here. We appoint our government right now, but, will be switching to a somewhat more democratic process in the future.

If you need more info, just send me an in-game message:


You can visit our forums here: www.nacforums.co.nr

Or you can stop by and chat on IRC at #nac on coldfront

Good luck. :)

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* A run down of your alliance

I am KingemO93 the president of CBS. CBS is more family based alliance that accepts anyone (except poachers!) we just went through a "dark time" and all of my member stood tall! So loyalty is something no one here lacks!

* Goals

Have 1,000,000 NS (Over the whole alliance) or 150 members

* Treaties

Peace, Intelligence, and Aid Treaty (PIAT)- Union of Integrated National Entities (UINE)

Peace, Intelligence, and Aid Treaty (PIAT)- The Democratic Order of Anarchy (DOA)

Peace, Intelligence, and Aid Treaty (PIAT)- Independent Republic of Armed Nations (IRAN)

Peace, Intelligence, and Aid Treaty (PIAT)- Justice

Peace, Intelligence, and Aid Treaty (PIAT)- Global Republic of Armed Nations (GRAN)

Treaty of Amity (ToA)- Fallen Knights (FK)

Treaty of Amity (ToA)- New Era (NE)

(Our protectorate with GRAN will be signed the night of June 24)

* Growth Schemes

We do none stop Tech Deals and we have prizes for contest (To help members grow)

* Advancement

CBS currently has Government Spot open. Sadly we cannot just give it to you! But im sure a non-poaching and respectable person as yourself wouldn't have a had time getting it!

Our forums are located at- http://s1.zetaboards.com/CBS/site/

And we have a IRC channel were i would be grad to answer any of your questions- #CBS on the ColdFront

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join Keepers of the Covenant

A run down of your alliance

we're an alliance for having fum making friends and just growing our nations


we want to make the best community thatr CN has ever seen


LoSS protectorate

Growth Schemes

tech deals and start-up aid


we have a government position open right now. Actually we have four.

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•A run down of your alliance

We are the Soviet Union, a small newly formed neutral allinace on the Grey team.


To build a strong closenit community and to become the first ever grey team alliance

to be sanctioned.


We are a neutral alliance so we havent signed any treaties.

•Growth Schemes

Right now we offer aid to newly created nations to help them grow, also protection

from rouge nations.


The Soviet Union currently has some Government positions open. Unfortunitly we can't just

hand it you but I'm sure you wouldn't have any difficultly advancing quickly in our alliance.

Link to our ofrums:


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A run down of your alliance

- The Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics is a medium sized alliance with around 100 members. We are on th white team. Our alliance has a fairly well distributed group of members, we arent all tiny new nations or old big ones, theres a bit of everything.


-to grow and become a powerful alliance


-Mutual Aggression and Defense Pact



- Wolfpack

Mutual Defense/Optional Aggression Pact






Treaty of Amity



Peace, Intelligence and Aid Treaty




Treaty Block


Common Defense Treaty

Growth Schemes

-for new nations, get them lots of tech deals and send them through the academy. By doing the task sets you can get up to 15 million in aid plus your tech deals. We focus on building infrastructure for them. For larger nations, basically buy tech lol. there are other things to do as well, but it varies from nation to nation


-advancement is done through the academy. to go from applicant to fearling (basic member) you have to do one task set, then to companion ( full member) is 2 or 3 more task sets. final is elite assembly. that takes being in the alliance a whil, passing the last task set( there are 5) and being approved by the elite assembly. government you have to be at least a companion and get elected or placed in a position.

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Forums: http://z9.invisionfree.com/GLOP


Nickname: goeygoeylumpofcuddlygloppysquishyyummygoodness.

Motto: You Will Never Walk Alone

Team Color: Yellow (You are NOT required to be on Yellow Team to Join)

Claim to Fame: Oldest alliance never involved in an alliance war

New Member Aid: 3 Million Dollars in Cybernations money after one week of membership. Additional funding of a harbor once the nation is developed enough, and periodical amounts of LOTS of money at any time after that.

Leadership and government Structure: High Chancellor and a council of five members with several ministers to help with organization. All government is democratically elected in open elections every two months.

About us: The GLOP was founded on September 12, 2007 from the merger of two alliances. At it's conception, it numbered a strong 80 or so members. It came close to hitting 100 members when the instability caused by the malicious leader, Bartholomew Roberts, caused the alliance great harm and loss of members. Bartholomew's trouble making has done nothing but strengthened the bonds of the remaining 30 members. The GLOP now exists as a small, but powerful and tightly knit group of experienced nations. Nations that join our alliance find a loving and caring community that looks out for the safety of it's members over anything else. We have a zero tolerance policy for attacks on our members, so if you are attacked, we will fight back with all we have.

How to Join: Register on our forums (link above) and register an account, and then sign up in the Welcome Center.

We hope you consider joining our alliance. We always welcome new people, and we know you will not regret the decision to become a part of our family.

If you sign up say linkkjm recruited you

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A run down of your alliance:

Well I am a part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO for short. We are an alliance of a little less than 200 members and growing everyday. We are also a part of the aqua team.


Our goals... well as most would say to become a strong alliance but we also make things as fun.


Blocs: The Watling Street Compact, and Purqua

Treaties: NATO/GUN MADP, NATO/TFD MDoAP, NATO/Valhalla MDoAP, NATO/UCN MDoAP, NATO/TPF MDoAP, NATO/USN MDP, NATO/IRON MDoAP, NATO/TTK MDoAP, The Atlantic Pacific Accords MADP, NATO/TAB MDP, Fish Tank Accords, NATO/RoK ODP, Writ de Credo, NATO/GGA Peace, NATO/TORN Peace, and last of this long long list NATO/SSSW18 PIAT.

Growth Schemes

Upon completion of the acedemy you gain 3 million to your nation. We also have tech circles of which you gain money. And of course, protection from attackers of which we will send aid, well read our charter for more details on that it would take to long to explain.


You have many chances to become a vital member of NATO. You can become a diplomat, a recruiter, a news reporter, a government member, all of those are within your reach here at NATO.

So I implore you good sir to join us here, I can guarentee you will not regret it! Go to www.cnnato.org and join today.

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A run down of your alliance

Hello, we are the World Task Force (located at worldtaskforce.com). Our government is quite small; while we do have a set of military leaders to make quick decisions, other issues are decided direct-democratically by those on the forums. This is actually quite easy to do as we lack a charter and have abolished our coucil and senate; the lack of a charter allows us flexibility and the system allows for member equality.

We are multicolored and we steer clear from CN politics as much as possible (we simply want to build our nations in peace).


We want to continue to grow and gather a new generation of WTFers. Really, that's it.


The following were signed in 2007

World Task Force/ NADC Friendship Pact

World Task Force/ Templar Knights NAP

World Task Force/ FCC NAP

World Task Force/ LOSS NAP

World Task Force/ OIN MDP

World Task Force/ LOSS OPD Treaty

World Task Force/ GATO NAP

World Task Force/ USN NAP

Growth Schemes

We have many growth programs. One helps smaller nations through the levels of 1 to 10k. Another mentorship program for newbies involves 3 mill and a mentor; not only did it boost my NS x2, I learned alot about how to properly grow your nation.

We also have a tech farm run by volunteers (it is composed of all members active on our forums) and members do private tech deals w/ one another.


We want to move up in the stats and gain more members; ideally, we want them to be active. We also hope the WTF principal of not getting engaged in politics continues.

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