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General Assembly Elections


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Announcement from the Election Commission of the Tahoe Republic

According to the Constitution of the Tahoe Republic

Chun a áirithint go ndéanfar an toghchán a stiúradh go réidh agus go héifeachtach agus chun comhionannas sa nós imeachta ina leith a chur in áirithe;[...]

"To ensure the smooth and efficient holding of the election and to secure uniformity of procedure in regard thereto; An Taoiseach hereby calls for an election to be held on December 1, 2008 for the purposes of selecting all members of the Parliament of the Tahoe Republic. All 64 seats of the Senate shall be open for contesting, likewise, all 262 seats of the General Assembly shall be up for election."

So far, three parties have had more than 100,000 voters participate in primary elections and thus their candidates are availible for public debate on national television and radio. First we will take a quick look at these four main parties, their policies, leaders and plans for Tahoe.


National Party

Leader: President Sean O'Deaghaidh (Prime Minister Kieran Kelly presides over Parliament)

Political Ideology: Nationalism, Conservatism, Social Conservatism

Foreign Policy: Continue Tahoe's current foreign policy: strong defense through close relations with proven allies, continue manouvering enemies into defeat

Economic Policy: Keep taxes low, assist finanical industry if stability of whole nation is threatened economically

Social Policy: The government must keep restrictions on socially unacceptable behavior and promote Catholicism to ensure the safety and stability of the nation.


Labor Party

Leader: Senator Ronan Doyle

Political Ideology: Liberalism, Christian Democracy, Democratic Socialism

Foreign Policy: Drastically expand Foreign Ministry to allow Tahoe to develop close relations with all nations of the world, regardless of historical relations. Diplomacy always comes first

Economic Policy: Consumer protection agencies are woefully inadequate and there needs to be stricter regulations on banks and other corporations.

Social Policy: Each county must make its own laws regarding social issues. What is acceptable in San Francisco is not always acceptable in Salt Lake City, and vice versa, so each region must be allowed to make its own laws. This is a federal republic, it is time to act like it.


Democratic Party

Leader: Senator Darragh McDonnell

Political Ideology: Free market capitalism, Social Liberal, Libertarian

Foreign Policy: Cut treaties and adopt a strict neutrality policy. Tahoe has more important issues to focus on than the problems of the world

Economic Policy: Government got us into this mess, government is never going to get us out of this mess. Remove the income tax and replace it with a low VAT

Social Policy: The government has no business telling people what they can and cannot do. Therefore, to ensure maximum liberty, the people must be allowed to make decisions pertaining to their own life.


RTI Election Special: Leadership Profile

Tonight RTI will broadcast the first of its parliamentary election specials, this time looking at the leaders of the parties campaigning for office. We will include a short biography of each leader: where they were born, grew up and their professional career in order to gain a more thorough understanding of who they are.



Birth Name: Kieran Kelly

Nationality: Irish-German Tahoan

Political Party: National

Spouse: Ada Kelly

Children: Heinz, William, Alice

Electoral District: Leavenworth, WA

Background: Born into an Irish-German middle class family in Leavenworth, Washington in 1969, Kieran spent much of his youth assisting his father, the propreitor of a prosperous beer garden and tavern while hiking, fishing and hunting in the rugged Cascade mountains. Electing to enter university, Kieran majored in business and soon found himself working at a prosperous retain company in Seattle. In the mid-90's he began getting involved in politics, in part due to the mismanagement of Seattle by the then ruling Labo Party. After being elected to Parliament in 1996, he became Prime Minister in 2007, one of the youngest men to ever hold the office.

Ronan Doyle:


Birth Name: Ronan Brian Doyle

Nationality: Irish-Tahoan

Political Party: Labor

Spouse: Bernadette Doyle

Children: Martin, Gerry, Teresa

Electoral District: Willamette, Oregon

Background: Legislative leader of moderate wing of Socialist Party. During the Socialist Party Crisis in '06, Doyle took hold of the Socialist base and transformed it into the Labor Party, merging with the Democratic Labor and Liberal Parties, both small third parties. Has been critical of Mr. O'Deaghaidh's foreign policy, saying it has been disastarous for Tahoe. Calls for increased regulation of financial industry, which he claims was hurt by deregulatory policies of the National Party. Is known for being a staunch federalist, supporting allowing states and counties to have a much greater role in areas of taxation, welfare and social policies.

Darragh McDonnell


Birth Name: Darragh George McDonnell

Nationality: Scottish-Tahoan

Political Party: Democratic

Spouse: Lauren McDonnell

Children: Katherine, Alexandra

Electoral District: Fishermans Wharf, Drogheda

Background: Served as a Lieutenant Commander in the Tahoan Navy for 22 years before entering politics. Engineered the rise of the Democratic Party from being a minor third party participating in Drogeda City Assembly elections to protest monopoly by National and Labor candidates to a major political force nationally. Although sometimes considered libertarian, McDonnell is a true centrist, supporting numerous aspects of both Labor and National policies. Outspoken isolationist who feels that such involvement in foreign affairs is extremely detrimental to Tahoe. Known to be avid hurling and football fan.

Edited by Emperor Mudd
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Electoral District Map


Makeup of the General Assembly

With the polls closed, the Labor Party slips from a strong second place to a distant third. While retaining the same proportion of the vote -24%- the 13% the ultranationalist National Republican Union won in the last elections disappeared as that election coalition of various far right politicans disperses. Most voters for the former NRU voted for the National Party, while many moderate National Party voters deserted to vote for the centrist/libertarian/paleoconservative Democratic Party, which wins 30.7% of the vote for a strong second place. The National Party increases its vote from 41% to 45.2%.

The National and Democratic Parties are expected to enter into a coalition government with the Nationalists choosing the Prime Minister and Defense Minister and Democrats choosing the Foreign Minister. The two parties are mostly similar in economic policy, with the Democrats being extremely anti-government and the Nationalists promoting the government as the embodiement of the state. They are often compared as being the "small government conservatives" and the "large (although in reality moderately) government conservatives."

Labor, being relegated to a distant third, will form the opposition, although with little chance to implement or stall any legislation a joint Nationalist-Democrat coalition wishes to pass.

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We congratulate the National Party on once again topping the ballots and hope the parties can work together in the Assembly, so to ensure the progress and strengthening of Tahoe.

We second Viniland's statement. Congratulations, indeed.

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Today, the President appointed the following MPs to the Federal Cabinet. Topping the list is Kieran Kelly, who will be returning as Prime Minister. The coalition agreement between the National Party and Democratic Party will result in a split cabinet.

President: Seán Ó Déaghaidh

Vice President: James Douglas


Prime Minister: Kieran Kelly (National Party)

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Darragh McDonnel (Democratic Party)

Minister of State: Eamon O' Brian (National Party)

Minister of the Treasury: Sean Hannity (Democratic Party)

Minister of Labor and Industry: Lucas Muller (Democratic Party)

Minister of Commerce: Aidan Ó Dochartaigh (National Party)

Minister of State Security: Tomás Ó Coileáin (National Party)

Minister of Justice: Michael Fitzgerald (National Party)

Minister of Health: Eoin MacDonald (Democratic Party)

Minister of Religious Affairs: Archbishop Patrick Wood (Religious/Non-Partisan)

Minister of Defense: Colin Flanagan (National Party)

Minister of the People and Heritage: Sean Mac Giolla Phádraig (National Party)

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: General Eamon Niall (Military/Non-Partisan)

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