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A multiple announcement from The Republic


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A message to the international community:

"To the many leaders of the world. You may or may not have heard of such a group called the GPI, but it is a group dedicated to removing any aggressors for a better world. Here, I dedicate St. Helena as a province dedicated to serving the GPI for years to come. The island is a safe place and will become a neutral place under the domain of the Republic. Safety, regulation and gaurantee of a neutrally guided place where parties can meet to discuss in a third party view. It will also become a place for GPI members and even WC to discuss and hold issues. I hope that the international community will take full use of this island.

Here is the guide to the island:

  • Entering the island:

By plane

Currently there are no airports on the actual island, however there is an airport on ascension island, North west of St. Helena. You will be checked in and brought to the actual island by boat. This is for your safety and for the safety of the island. Military gaurd will escort you as will the Republican Coast Gaurd. All visitors to Saint Helena arrive at "The Wharf" in Jamestown

By boat

The Republican Coast Gaurd will contact you through radio and board your boat 15 knots from the island. You are not to approach till you are approved. All visitors to Saint Helena arrive at "The Wharf" in Jamestown

  • Guide to Eating:

  • Anne's Place, Castle Gardens. Tuna is the main fish of the island, and Anne is famous for her fish cakes, another island specialty.
  • The Coffee Shop located in the Leisure Park just outside the city gates is a great place to sit at a picnic table and enjoy a latte and some cake.
  • Cyril's Fast Food is just next to the arch in the city walls.
  • Orange Tree Oriental Restaurant is located in Association House
  • Sally's Sandwich Bar is in the basement of Association House.

  • Guide to Politics:

  • Longwood House: to become the mediation ground for any two parties currently seeking peace and the benefit of a safe, middle, third party ground in St. Helena.
  • High Knoll Fort: To be the headquaters of the GPI and a meeting ground for WC representatives. Heavily fortified and security tight, there will be no incidents here. The military on the island will also be stationed here.


An announcement from the Archon to his people, The Republic, and the International Community:

"In the past few years, I have lead this great country to a well deserved position in the world's political climate. I have advanced West Africa through programs, and West Africa has begun to advance itself. In that case, I will now take my leave. My duty to this country is over, and my concerns are to be placed elsewhere. There are so many other interesting ways to spend your time. I feel like early retirement is a gift, but it's such an incredible gift. It's a gift I need to use. I have a child on the way, a girlfriend and other personal concerns. I will take my leave to St. Helena, to sit on in peace talks and to keep in touch with my friends from other countries. However, I will not be approaching them politically friend, but as a personal friend.

My duty is done, and it is time West Africa continues without me. I wish you and the other leaders the best. I wish to name my successor in my party to finish out my term. He is niether a head of government yet or swayed by eityher party. He is of his own agenda, and that is to advance West Africa to new heights. To better the community, I would like for you all to give a warm welcome to a soldier, a friend, and an adopted son of a General, Joe Viterbo!"

A cheering carried as Mykep departed from the stage for the last chance. A man with an unfamiliar face approached the stage.



"Thank you, Ex-Archon Mykep, may your island adventure be a pleaseant and peaceful one. We're absolutely delighted that you're retiring today. Sure we'll miss you, but we'd also like to congratulate you on winning your freedom from your alarm clock. I mean really, not having you here will make our lives so much easier. Many, or maybe all of you do not know me. I am soldier from birth. Abandoned by my parents, I survived the kidnapping and almost death until General Grievous saved me from the terrible fate. Since then, I fought my way through life. I'm a lawyer and a good friend of Mykep. My political advancement came through my 4 years in the military. I served time in the occupation of Central Africa, and helped establish relationships with political leaders there. After serving my time, I moved to politics, attempted to make my own, free, independent party, but later realized I wanted a career outside of party politics. Mykep recognized this and realized that I, like him, shared a loyalty to my country and not my party. i do share views of each party, but I am free of thier chain of command. I hope you come to recognize me, because I will do all in my power for you, for the republic!"

He looked to the officer holding the Law. He said the Oath, with extra on the end:

"I swear to advance The Republic. I swear to protect its interests and to promote its culture. For The Republic! For a Brighter future! For Mykep!"

As Joe left the stage, he looked at his military command. He smiled, an almost devilish smile. He looked at Lucas Perry, and said, "You sir, are dismissed."

Lucas, confused, said, "I'm sorry, but you must have me confused with someone who hasnt done something."

"No, but your link to Mykep, twin brother, is something I do not need watching over me. You...are dismissed."

Lucas pissed beyond belief looked to his, "Oi, Mr. Superior. You've been in office for 2 seconds and you already made a huge mistake."

"The only mistake made was Mykep putting a caring, and just commander in charge of an army that can do so much more. You are WAY too sensitive for this sort of buisness."

"You son of a-"

He took a swing at the new Archon, who blocked it and gave him a kidney shot. Joe looked at the Ex-Commander of his army and smiled, he made it a long way. "Discharge this fool, he just took a swing at his new Archon."

The soldiers took Lucas away as Joe issued an order to his new generals to put The Republic to DEFCON 1. Mykep was listening to "Across the Universe by Fiona Apple" as he took his private jet to Ascension island to lay wasted in the sands of St Helena till the WC and GPI representatives arrived.

A new era has begun...

OOC: Foreshadowing


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In Kilik's absence upon invitation to the Hanseatic Commonwealth, Pelee Shoustin, Grand Patriarch of Mechodamia, issued a prompt and ambitious statement to the new Archon of The Republic.

Dear Archon Viterbo,

It is with great pleasure that I, Grand Patriarch of the State of Mechodamia, congratulate you on your ascension and subsequent promotion. Former Archon Mykep had treated our people with the greatest respect, and we only offered the same in return. We, therefore, give you that same respect. Our debt to The Republic is insurmountable, and you shall be able to count on our forces to aid your soldiers in whatever campaign you see fit.

Though we are no puppets to any puppeteer, it wouldn't be just of us to ignore our mother nation and disrespect Archon Mykep in such a manner. We humbly wish you, your people, the best of luck.


Grand Patriarch Pelee Shoustin

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We understand you are no puppets, but you are our brothern. We have remained faithful to one another, even after our falling out of you becoming your own, individual state. For that, I offer you our first MADP. To fight side by side with you forever would be something we'd wish to do. Neutrality is not something we see as advancing The Republic. Thus, we move to make allies...Starting with you. If you are willing to accept, I'll have a diplomat send over a written copy.


Archon Joe Viterbo

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Emperor Sergio personally congradulates Mykep on his achievements and wishes him well. The Emperor also wishes the new Archon well and hopes that the current relations between Serca and The Republic remain in the great position it is now.

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The Republic of Yawoo recognizes that Joe Viterbo is the new Archon of The Republic. A Yawooian diplomat will be visiting St. Helena soon.

To: Archon Viterbo of The Republic

From: Chancellor Acelin von Berg of The Republic of Yawoo

My best wishes on your ascension to that of Archon. I know you will serve your country well and I look forward to working with you as I did with the former Archon, Mykep.

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