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Badgiruel Party victorious in elections

King Kevz

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The streets of the cities and towns of Pax Pacis were full of cheering citizens as news of the Badgiruel Party having won the elections though a minority number of citizens did not attend the celebrations as they decided to sulk inside but over all it was a joyous event. As many people stood applauding and hugging one another they noticed that Natarle Badgiruel appeared on their screens and everyone quietend as they waited for her to make her speech.

"Today marks a new era for our nation, our previous leader Laura, though strong and hopeful was too young to fully understand the needs and ideals that a nation requires to survive in todays world. Therefore I will take up the mantle that has been left and will guide Pax Pacis to a place of prosperity and renown across the world"

In other news after serious dicussions the new Pax Pacis government has allowed the establishment of the Praying Mantis PMC in Pax Pacis and has already requested details on possible security contracts with them.

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