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Is there any way to prove you don't have an AA?


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Here's the deal. I started playing this game because my friend in real life suggested it. I joined fark alliance with him at first because he posts on fark. I'm not a big poster and I started getting PMs about being a ghost etc so I quietly left the alliance not wanting to stir up trouble or tick anyone off.

My friend doesn't want me to feel left out so he and I created an alliance to join just to mess around with.

Now, probably because we are the only two in the alliance. I constantly have people thinking that one or the other is an alt account (especially funny with people saying he is my alt account since his nation is like 20 days older than mine). I've had a number of people claim to have reported me and never got a word, warning, banning etc from an admin. I assume this is either because I wasn't really reported or because the admin looked at the account activity and found them different, different IPs etc.

But now it's getting to be where anyone I message about anything like trades etc say "nah you have an AA and I don't want to risk you getting banned"

Is playing with real life friends that uncommon? Is there a way I can some how get it verified that I don't have an AA (or at least that my friends is not my AA or visa versa)?

It's not even like me and my friend are trade partners etc. Yes I've sent him foreign aid like extra money from a tech deal or to help with his war... but who wouldn't help a friend / alliance member in need.

Just getting annoying with all these people putting out accusations that seem to have very little basis.

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