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35 mil


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Stop buying infra. Save money. You should have approximately 250 million cash on hand as a warchest given the amount of infra you have. I would recommend that you save money and only spend cash on wonders and tech (tech deals) for several months. Once you have saved around 100 days of bills, you can start buying infra again. Maintain your warchest at 100 days of bills indefinitely. Get a Stock Market, then a Social Security System, then a Great Temple, then a Manhattan Project, and then a Strategic Defense Initiative.

As far as your trade setup goes, get rid of rubber, coal, and lead and replace them with wheat, cattle, and uranium. Leave everything else the same. Do all that and you will be on your way to becoming a powerhouse nation. :)

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you could try back collecting of sledding as i lovingly refer to it guides can be found in many place your alliance will probably have an economic section devoted solely to it........... if not you could always join FoB i know we have an awesome one

also what Londo Mollari ^ said

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Actually you only need $30 million since yout first wonder should be the Stock Market. You need to swap Sugar for Wheat. It gives you more working citizens as well as giving you the bonus resource Beer. That'll help you. You didn't mention whether you are labor camp swapping. If you are not, you need to start as it will probably more than double your income per day since labor camps will reduce your infra upkeep which at your level is skyhigh and why you're not making more money.

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2 mil seems a little low for a nation your size.

What's your environment?

Your soldier efficiency count is around 77% of your citizens. Drop it below 60% if your environment is not already at 1+GRL. If that doesn't do the trick, get some border walls to lower it.

Make sure you have "My Government Position" set to the following: BABBBABA

Your tech is a little low. Keep you tech level above at least 5% of your NS for maximum bill reduction.

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Your trade set is gods-awful. I have 2700 less infra and I make about double in tax collection per day. Try going for a more economic-minded tradeset like the one that I have, at least for collection. Your trade set is very good for paying bills and buying infrastructure, but very horrendous for collecting taxes.

Why do you have a standing air force? That dramatically increases bills.

Why do you have standing Barracks/Factories? If you have more than 49 improvements, your improvement bill goes way up.

Are you collecting taxes every day? You better not be. Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

1. Get about 10 days worth of bills

2. Put up 5 Labor Camps

3. Pay bills for 8 days

4. At 10 days inactive, tear down Labor Camps, put up economic improvements

5. Get temporary trades for economic resources

6. Collect epic tax collection

7. Restart your regular trades

8. Either use the profit to do a mass infra purchase, buy a wonder, or do another sled


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I agree with most of what you told him Sileath, but this part:

Why do you have a standing air force? That dramatically increases bills.

...is just wrong. Not even looking at his nation, 60 planes would cost him at most $12k/day. That's hardly a dramatic increase in bills.

Now it's true, that does inflate your NS somewhat, so there is a decision to be made there, but not buying planes and giving any opponent a free blitz with their air force is conceding a lot of damage to save very little $$ in my book.

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It's all in the trades. Get some pop boosters. See if you can talk your way into a 3BR circle. If you don't believe the difference it makes, look at my nation and compare its age to yours...

You should be clearing a lot more than $2 million per day...

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