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DoE for Old Atlantic Charter

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I, Minister of Defense of the Old Atlantic, am proud to announce the existence of Old Atlantic Charter in Cybernations: Standard Edition. Two round ago in Cybernations: Tournament Edition, 5 real life friends decided to create an alliance to kick $@! and have fun. Since then we've had some ups and downs, including the loss of our founding Supreme Overlord. However we are determined to stand strong and grow to be the best alliance we can through Loyalty, Bravery, and Intelligence.

Old Atlantic Charter’s Standard Edition Charter

Article 1 – The OAC’s Government

Supreme Overlord

The Supreme ruler of the OAC is able to direct the alliance anyway they see fit. Their powers are unlimited and include:

- Issue DoW (Must be approved by council)

- Veto any decision passed by the Council

- Power to expel any nation without permission from the Council

Supreme Overlord can only be removed by a unanimous vote from the Council and the Underlord must be willing to take over.


Awaits his chance to become Supreme Overlord.

- Will receive power when the Supreme Overlord takes a leave of absence longer than 3 days. These powers will exist until the Overlord returns.

Senior Ministers

The appointed head of each Ministry within the OAC. The Ministries are:

- Defense

- Foreign Affairs

- Order (Internal Affairs)

- Economy

Can only be removed by the Supreme Overlord

Deputy Ministers

A Senior Ministers assistant appointed by a Senior Minister.


The Council is the voice of the followers within the OAC. The followers elect them every two months.

- There are 7 Council positions.

- No senior government members can run for a Council seat.

- Once a Council has been selected, the Supreme Overload will select one Council member to be Head Chancellor. The Head Chancellor will oversee the Council and advise the Supreme Overlord on the Council’s doings.

- 3 term limit

Council duties include:

- Ratify treaties in peacetime

- Listen to the followers

- Hold punishment hearings

- No power over military/defense

No senior government official can hold more than one high-level government position. This only includes Supreme Overlord, Underlord, Senior Ministers, Deputy Ministers, and Council position.

OAC’s Ministries

Ministry of Defense

The MoD is in charge of all military actions of the Old Atlantic Charter. The Minister of Defense is the Head General for the OAC’s armed forces; however the Supreme Overlord is Commander-in-Chief. Duties of the MoD include:

- oversee all military actions, offensive and defensive

- organize the OAC’s military into an effective fighting force

- combating all ghosts

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The MoFA is in charge of all foreign activities taken by the OAC. Duties of the MoFA include:

- maintain relations with other alliances

- send diplomats to alliances

- handle tech raiders

- advise the Supreme Overlord of foreign matters

Ministry of Order

The MoO is in charge of all internal affairs. Duties of MoO include:

- run the OAC academy

- maintain forums

- maintain archives

- alliance roster

- alliance history

- Ministry information

Ministry of Economy

The MoE is in charge of the OAC’s economy and keeps the alliance growing. Duties of the MoE include:

- organize technology deals within the alliance

- organize trade circles within the alliance

- create banks

- oversee foreign and internal aid

Article 2 – OAC Laws

The following laws are deemed the most important and are to be followed at all times. Failure to abide by these rules will be met with harsh punishment. Betrayal, showing of weakness, and embarrassment are never an option for the Old Atlantic Charter.

- No member of the OAC may attack another nation without approval from a high grade military official

- Being a member of another alliance while in the OAC is prohibited

- No OAC member may conduct espionage activities

- Nuclear weapons may not be used without the consent of the Supreme Overlord

- No OAC member may back out of an ongoing tech deal without consent of a high grade economy official. The exception is during a time of war when all tech deals are frozen.

- Tech raiding in the OAC is not allowed and will be met with severe consequences.

Article 3 – Military Structure

Ranking System

1. Commander-in-Chief – the Supreme Overlord

2. Warlord – Minister of Defense

3. General – (3) Commands one of three military divisions: The Guard, Regulars, or Reserves

4. Major – (3) 2nd in command of a military division. Assists the General in command duties

5. Captain – Commands a company

6. Sergeant – 2nd in command of a company. Assists the Captain in command duties.

Military Organization

OAC’s military is divided by how active a nation is. The Guard is the most active and the Reserves are the least active. The divisions are broken down into companies. Each company consists of nations with similar nation strength.

1. The Guard – the OAC’s elite military division comprised of its most active military members. Members are selected by high level military officials

2. Regulars – 2nd most active division

3. Reserves – the least active division, where all new military recruits start

Article 4 – Declarations of War

The Supreme Overlord with the Council’s approval is the can declare war. If the Supreme Overlord is not available the Council can declare war with a 5/7 vote.

If the OAC is attacked by more than five members of the same alliance it is automatically considered a declaration of war.

Article 5 – Recruitment

Any nation is allowed to apply to the OAC. There are strict requirements for joining:

- A nation cannot be engaged in any wars

- A nation cannot be considered a rogue, terrorist, or on any ZI lists

Nations that wish to apply must do so in the following format:

Nation Name:

Ruler Name:

Nation Link:

Nation Strength:

Former Alliances:

Reason for joining:

I “Ruler Name” of “Nation Name” have thoroughly read the charter of the Old Atlantic Charter and swear to abide by it as long as I am a member of the alliance.

Once a nation has been accepted into the OAC, they must change their flag to their Estonia, change their AA to Old Atlantic Charter, and put their member ID in their bio.

Any nation under 5,000 NS will be required to enter the OAC Academy and pass the Recruit Test. The Recruit Test consists of basic Cybernations gameplay and OAC questions.


Eggplant Dynasty - Supreme Overlord

Nick Bar - Minister of Defense

Edited by Nick Bar
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