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Small Aspiring alliance needs government members.

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Experienced in alliance gov't? Or would you like to give governing a try? The Osirian Compact is actively looking for players to fill its gov't positions. We are a small alliance looking to expand quickly, we aspire to be great. Let me give you some info. In late 2006 on the myspace CN group a lone player, frustrated with the large alliance scene, stumbled across a thread, a fellow known as The Dark Fox was looking to start an alliance. Sio as He (I) was known then, said "Im down" and The Osirian Compact was born, over the next year, The Osirian Compact had huge political influence in the CN world and had a massive bloc of treaties everywhere. We were an unstopable political and economic force. TOC was virtually untouchable. Any alliance who dared mess with us was within a week either Zied or in a permanent economic embargo. We were awesome. As later TOC was offered a deal by TPF to merge and be a part of mass greatness, not happy with The Dark Fox's choices and not a big fan of huge alliances, also experiencing some RL problems, Sio left the game. Now I am back as TonyGaspipe and The Osirian Compact is born again. We need you to restore it to its former glory. We are in need of the following. MoIA, MoFA, Head of Recruitment, Chairman of Economics, Lead Tech sellers, CEO of The Osirian Tech Center, Ambassadors, Treaties, and members!!! As we expand more positions will open up in TOC. so come one, come all, bring your friends!! We want you in TOC. Have your name in CN history as a part of the most epic reroll of all time. Go to our forum, check us out, register and look in our library, check out our archives, see how great we once were, and see how, with your help, great TOC will be again.


register and post your application!!!


-The Osirian Compact

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