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Empire Completes Census


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Imperial Census Bureau Announces Completion of Empire-wide Census

Hansong, Empire of Korea: Though the Empire has always maintained a census of all portions of the empire, each province was to perform it on their own and on their own time frame provided that they simply had one once each decade. Therefore, it has been some time since there has been a nearly completely accurate population count of all citizens of the Empire. However, the Imperial Census Bureau is proud to announce that it has compelted its first simultaneous empire-wide census and has come to rather accurate count of the current population of the Empire.

Region Population

Mainland, South48,508,972

Mainland, North*33,998,018

Taipei Province (City and Surrounding Area)10,072,918


Daemado Island39,983


(OOC: With the exception of Northern Korea, populations found in the

CIA World Factbook and Wikipedia were used.

*Due to the currently radically lowered population of North Korea thanks to a widespread famine a stupid dictator and the communists, I multiplied the current North Korean population by 1.5 to get something a little more proper.)

The Imperial Census Bureau also reports the following breakdown of major ethnic groups in the Empire: 85% Korean, 14% Han Chinese, 1% Other (Japanese, Swedish being largest of these). The ICB reports the following breakdown of major religions in the Empire as well: 94% Christian (68% Protestant, 26% Roman Catholic), 4% Buddhist, 1.5% None, 0.5% Other. The census has determined that there is currently a literacy rate of 97.55% in the Empire with the younger generations (5-29) being 99.8% literate.

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