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ARES Announcement

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We at ARES have been extremely busy these last couple months. Wars, recruiting, rebuilding, and all that other fun stuff. Nothing really kickstarted until about 3 weeks ago with the addition of both CommanderCato and Jtkode. Combined they have recruited 35+ members in less then 2 weeks. We are forever grateful. That brings our total to 107. So for the first time since Feb 1st, we passed 100 members again!

Now, with all these changes, comes the necessary process of changing ARES itself.



The Ascended Republic of Elite States is established as a bastion of unity fashioned by the effort and unanimity of all those dedicated to its glorious cause. Our Creed, or Mission as it stands, is to subsist as a beacon of hope for all those who aspire and strive for alliance quality and serve as an icon of prestige. We are The Ascended Republic of Elite States, This is our creed, and it stands firm.


We, the nations of The Ascended Republic of Elite States, do hereby solemnly swear allegiance Republic in addition to all members honored by the Directorate as components of the government and sign the following charter, binding us as brothers-in-arms.

We agree to follow the laws set forth by this charter and honor the wishes of its founders, to defend our brethren from any outside force which opposes them, to gather together in a sense of continuous unity and cooperation, to establish a peace that can only be obtained through the growth and development of ours and our brothers’ nations, and together reap the rewards of our alliance while upholding our intent to grow stronger in both strength and camaraderie.

Article I – Membership Rights and Liberties

Section 1.1- Social Contract

As members of the Ascended Republic of Elite States, we do hereby solemnly swear a social contract with the alliance and gain all the freedoms, liberties, and responsibilities associated with membership in the alliance. We agree to adhere to the Charter and, by extension, other documents accepted by the alliance as active.

Section 1.2- Body Republic

All members, regardless of rank or membership tier, have a seat in the Body Republic. The Body Republic may vote in any poll as part of a General Assembly. All members of the Body Republic are permitted to speak freely, though civility is to be maintained at all times between alliance-mates. President, Vice President and or The Directorate may restrict communications outside of private channels by issuing a Declaration of Censorship during times of crisis; however members may continue to converse on The Ascended Republic of Elite States forums.

Article II – Governmental Structure

The chain of command as established by this charter is primarily a Democratic system in which the President and Vice President serve as an executive body that wields governmental powers and manages authorities within the alliance. Under the President, and Vice President is a Directorate of Five members. The purpose of the Directorate is to regulate decisions within the alliance and inside their respective Areas As well as balance out the Power of the President and Vice President. Listed below is the full government structure of the Ascended Republic of Elite States as well as their descriptions and governmental powers.

Section 2.1- President, and Vice President

~Subsection 2.1.1- Purpose & Powers:

a) The President and Vice President are two individuals that serve as the head of the alliance as both figure head, and leaders which will keep office until they step down.

c) Both may promote or demote any member serving in the alliance as they deem necessary, unless overturned by a vote in the Directorate.

d) The President and Vice President, oversee as well as give a helping hand in the daily running of the alliance, As well as serve the purpose as the leader and main figure head of the alliance.

E) The President gets the final say in all matters, and can only be overturned if the Vice-President and 100% of the Directors are in accordance.

F) The President’s power is not limited to this charter. Anything Not outlined in the charter is the President’s jurisdiction.

~Subsection 2.1.2- Appointment: In the case of an open Presidential position The Vice President will take the President position and a Two day Election Will be held to fill the missing spot of Vice President the first day will be nominations and applications, the second day the votes will be held. The Directorate will thoroughly examine each candidate set forth by the members and will determine if they are capable of serving in the position. The candidate receiving the most votes will fill the new position unless a vote of rejection is set forth by all 5 Directors and the remaining Presidential position holder. In the Case of both President and Vice president leaving their position, the Director of Internal Affairs, will take the place as president until a suitable replacement is appointed.

Section 2.2- Directorate

~Subsection 2.2.1- Purpose & Powers:

The Directorate is an agency composed of members appointed by the members as Directors or Deputy Directors to run the Five Departments of the alliance.

Director of Foreign Affairs -

It is the DoFA's job to approve or decline treaties that proposed by ambassadors as well as set up and manage Embassies and Treaties between other alliances. The Director of Foreign Affairs has Authority over all diplomats and Embassies inside the Ascended Republic of Elite States.

Director of Defense -

It is the job of the Director of Defense to handle all military affairs of the alliance. It is his duty to Manage the Divisions, and Appoint Military personnel, conduct war games, and oversee the entire security of the alliance.

Director of Recruitment -

It is the DoR's Job to Handle all aspects involving recruitment, this includes the set up and management of the recruitment systems, management of contests as well as the promotion of recruitment within the alliance. He also handles the Bumping of allied recruitment threads.

Director of Internal Affairs -

The Director of Internal Affairs oversees the daily operation of the alliance, and has control over Job Assignment, Alliance Education, Resignations, Elections, Internal Spies, and Trials and Punishment.


Are appointed by the President and the Vice President. They are to help the directors in their respective fields, and assist in any way possible. They also serve important jobs, such as the advisor of the Academy, Forums advisor, and the advisor of Beer.

~Subsection 2.2.3- Deputy Elections- Every other month there will be an election for the deputies. Any non-government member (excluding Advisors) may run for a position.

Article IV – Warfare

Section 4.1- Inter-Alliance War

The Ascended Republic of Elite States reserves the right to declare war on any alliance it sees fit as long as an appropriate casus belli is stated. Though aggressive actions are highly discouraged, violations of the alliance’s sovereignty or belligerent actions on treaty partners may be met with war. War is the right of the President and the Vice-President., and only when they both are in accordance, Can the Ascended Republic of Elite States be at a state of war.

Any member of The Ascended Republic of Elite States may propose amendments to the Body Republic and from there it will go into a voting period of no less than seventy-two hours. After the voting period ends, if the amendment has eighty percent of votes in favor of passing it will then go to the High Council. The council must rule unanimously for the amendment to pass.


The countersigned decree that Ascended Republic of Elite States is an alliance that strives for greatness and internal solidarity. It is in this charter that we trust the membership to lead the Coalition forever forward and into a new era of prosperity. Viva Ascendia!

And our New Government.

President: Joe Stupid

Vice President: Jtkode

Director of Internal Affairs : Barix9

Director of Foreign Affairs : Lord Kresden

Director of Defense: Perandori

Director of Recruitment :CommanderCato

Advisor of Beer: Caossal

Advisor of all things Asian Womenzz: v0.0v

Minister of Desserts- Number1SuperMarioFan

tl;dr- 100 members, new charter and gov, And our Knife Pr0n.


Edited by Joe Stupid
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Congratulations, but I don't see any alliances that have ARES as their acronym or as their name on the 12 alliances... (am i missing something?)

<-- new

You have to specify other. The 12 alliances in the drop down menu are the 12 sanctioned alliances in game.

In other news: Congratulations to ARES on reaching this mark again. Onward to some of most awesome guys on Bob.

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E) The President gets the final say in all matters, and can only be overturned if the Vice-President and 100% of the Directors are in accordance.

Democratic Dictatorship?

other than that, congarts on 100, and the new gov

Advisor of all things Asian Womenzz: v0.0v

really? I was 100% sure he was of the homosexual orient?

Edited by draov
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Awesome!! Congratulations to our allies on this recruiting business, it's not an easy thing to do (and I should know!!!) Now, if I may ask, what aspects of your charter are changed from last time? (sorry, I don't wanna go try and find the old charter. I'm lazy. :P)

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