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Ragnablok Announcement

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For a few days now, Ragnablok has inducted a new member, the United Earth Directorate. Due to the war and such, buying airtime on pan CN media is getting to be an excercise in frustration, hence the delay in a formal announcement [if you buy that i have a bridge i want to sell], the delay has absolutely nothing to do with rumors of Alfred being a lazy git.

Well, yeah UED is in Ragnablok, as such they are protected by Ragnarok and now a part of a community of friends. We hope they will bring their own brand of fun and win to the Blok parties and some Moonshine on Sundays. This has come about due to the excellent and awesome leadership demonstrated and friendly banter kept up by Roofus and King Death II.

Please join us in formally welcoming UED to the Blok.

Alfred von Tirpitz



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