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NEW ERA update!

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Hello All,

I come before you today to announce that New Era has reached over 100K Alliance Strength. (111,331 NS right now)

We could not have done this without the constant effort of our Citizens of New Era and our Gov. I'm gonna give a shout out to all of our recruiters, you guys are doing a fantastic job getting good members in, and keeping it constant. Also, to RichardReich and Fuhrer for their constant help in all matters in New Era, and keeping a strong hold on the areas they cover in New Era, without them we wouldn't be as successful as we are today.

If you all remember, one of our goals was to have 100K NS and 50 Members by the end of July. Well, we met one of those goals, and now were working towards the 50 members, and 200K NS!

Just want to give one more thank you to our supporters and allies. You guys have been great, we enjoy having you all around.

o/ TOOL!

o/ CBS!

o/ TAO!

..and o/ FnKa for being so damn awesome!

Come Chat With Us on IRC Sometime! #NewEra

Check Out Our Recruitment Video!

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o/New Era

thanks goes out to all New Era members with out the hard work you all put in we wouldnt be were we are today:D

thanks to the allies o/TOOLo/TAOo/CBS

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congrats rosen

Thank You Clausewitz.

Unfortunately, a member is leaving New Era. . and I'm afraid our NS will drop below 100k........1 step forward 2 steps back it seems.

We will keep pushing, and we will prevail, and reach this milestone relatively soon, you will see us here AGAIN!

o/New Era!

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..as some of you may know, shortly after our reach to the 100k Milestone. . . we dropped back down to 77K.

Today with great honor, I am announcing New Era's new reach to the 100k Milestone. We are now 109,454NS Strong!

We owe it to the great members in New Era who are constantly working to keep New Era growing Successfully.

o/ New Era!

Introducing Our New Flag:


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