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I am calling BS on the recent "moderation" and game disruption


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Do a search for the assumed evil word* and I find multiple usages in the last 6 months over at least 6 topics and many more posts.

I do mind, the Dude minds. This will not stand, ya know, this aggression will not stand, man.

*This is the origin and basis for the word as used, and if you want me to give you a run down of offensive names in game, much less highly offensive PM's, I will be more than happy to.


I would like to speak to one of the owners of the game, if they or a moderator could PM me a phone number, I would appreciate it.

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Hmmmmm so many ways to respond to this so lets go over all posibilities:

1. That so called 'evil word' was brought up in 6 topics and in many if not all of those posts it was your members using them. Including yourself

2. They have a subforum for this once I'm done posting this I'll gladly link you to it. The subforum can be found Here

3. One of your members has already seen the subforum and created a topic for you. This can be found here

4. It was obvious that you weren't using 'the evil word' in the context of a board game. The correct context would be 'Man I love the game, chit'

'yah man chit is so fun'

5. Please stop complaining about your blatant rule breaking and the deletion of those wars, with everyone elses top 40 nations. And the foil to your plan to let your nations win the game. (I really don't care if you do attack everyone else in the top 40 who isn't in your alliance it's just you guys lie...) So please here is a straw FlipFlopStraw.jpg (Yes those are cool straws and I want one)

And suck it up

Warm Wishes,


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