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United Kingdom of Buryatia Nation Factbook

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United Kingdom of Buryatia Government:

Monarch: His Most Orthodox Royal Highness Prince Yuri Vladimirovich Guttorp-Farone-Zenn, Prince of Vaule & Buryatia, Duke of Caledonia, Lord of Novaya Zemlya, Holder of the Holy Order of Buryatia

President: Vladimir Zhukovsky (PAP) Katerina Rokossovska (PoL-BSA)

Deputy President: Sergei Kalinn (PoW-BSA)

Speaker of Parliament: Naranbatarin Ivaanjav (Ind)


Minister of Defense: Andrei Grigovich Ouromov (PoL-BSA)

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Natalya Onatopp (PoL-BSA)

Minister of Labor, Social Services & Trade: Batukhan Yu (PoW-BSA)

Minister of Finance: Dmitri Andropov (PoW-BSA)

Minister of Resource Management: Dmitri Andropov (DPB)

Minister of Education: Naranbataar Liu (PoW-BSA)

Minister of Health: Sukhbataar Enkh (Pow-BSA)

Minister of Interior: Mikhail Chuluunovich (DPB)

Minister of Communication: Aleksandar Trubachev (DPB)

United Kingdom of Buryatia Embassy and Treaty Information

Foreign Embassies to the UKB:

Kingdom of Bavaria/Königreich Bayern - Alexander Weltz

Marscurian Pakistan

Hanseatic Commonwealth-Anita Langstrom


Embassies of the UKB to other nations:

Kingdom of Bavaria/Königreich Bayern -Level 3 Embassy (Sergei Izetbegovic)

Marscurian Pakistan - Level 3 Embassy

Hanseatic Commonwealth-Level 4 Embassy

Arctica- Level 3 Embassy (Dr. Anatoly Karpov)


Pax Hanseatique - Level 2 (NAP & EC)

The Asian Union (ODP/NAP/EC)

The Zhukov Doctrine

The Zhukov Regional Sphere Doctrine


Chernorussia SDIA

Toastoria Declaration of Independence

SST Agreement regarding South Kamchatca SDTA

Kingdom of Arsenia (SDIA)

United Kingdom of Buryatia Nation Information

National Flag:


National Coat of Arms:


Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Legislature: People’s Khural (Bicameral Parliament)

Executive: President (Head of Government), Monarch (Head of State)

Judicial: Court of military and civilian Judges

Territorial Claims:


-Novaya Zemlya Territory


-Severnaya Zemlya Territory


-Buryatian Antarctic Territory


-Map of the provinces of the United Kingdom of Buryatia


-Buryatian Foreign Military Bases

Political Status: Independent from the Vaule Socialist Republic

Historical Information:

During the existence of the Vaulian Empire, the Kingdom of Outer Mongolia existed in the form of a tributary state to the Empire. At its greatest extent, the Kingdom held control over much of the Lake Baikal region as well as significant swathes of central Vaule. At this time, the King of Outer Mongolia managed not only to end the Kingdom’s status as a tributary state, but also managed to conclude a major treaty which placed both Vaule and Outer Mongolia on equal footing. In order to bring the two nations together the King proposed a marriage between himself and a Princess of Vaule. This marriage provided a link between the Royal House of Li and the Royal House of Faronne-Zenn in Vaule that exists to this date.

After the Communist occupation period, the Kingdom was defeated by the Soviet Union and annexed along with the Vaule Empire. During this period, several national borders were redrawn which fundamentally affected the structure of both states. During the annexation, it was believed that all members of the House of Li were killed, but the only daughter of the King managed to survive and escape. The Vaulian Royal Family took refuge in the north of Vaule for the duration of the occupation period and was soon joined by the Princess of Outer Mongolia.

The Soviet government declared the Kingdom to be an “Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic” within the Vaulian Soviet Socialist Republic (VSSR), a move which can be considered a precursor for several of the conflicts and uprisings that followed. The two states remained firmly in the grasp of the Soviet Union until the beginning of the Vaule Great Civil war.

Several units from the Outer Mongolian ASSR, fought alongside Vaule in the civil war. At the end of the war, after a decision by the government of the Russian Federation to end the conflict due to massive casualties, Vaule gained de jure independence. The new territory that constituted the “Republic of Vaule” included a significant part of the Outer Mongolian ASSR, which was treated as being a province of Vaule.

With the rise of the Communist dictator Mikhail Khudorozkina in Vaule, and his hard line policies, Vaule’s economy was placed under significant strain resulting in massive food shortages. Undeterred by the situation, Khudorozkina undertook a policy of “Self-sufficiency” which banned all imports into the country. As the situation worsened several small uprisings occurred across the country. These uprisings were brutally put down by the President. Farmers in Outer Mongolia were frequently harassed by the state and propaganda blamed them for the shortages in the country.

When the Vaulian General Zhukov launched a campaign against President Khudorozkina, the President made significant concessions to Outer Mongolia provided that they sent troops to assist him. For the most part, the region refused to do so, however two divisions of troops were sent by radical factions in the region. As the Great Corrective Revolution ended and General Zhukov was firmly in control of the country, some military units carried out repressive measures in the region in an attempt to solidify their control.

The conflict continued in some form through several uprisings, some peaceful and some violent, leading to the formal recognition of the area as being Autonomous. The name of the region was also changed to Buryatia during this period. With a lasting calm in the area, investments poured into the region giving rise to a rapid growth in several sectors of the economy. With a newfound economic strength and a stronger political will, the regional government began the process of negotiating full independence from Vaule.

Once the Independence Referendum was completed, Buryatia formally ended its union with Vaule and became a completely sovereign and independent nation.

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