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Delceration of Peace with NPO

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Just Kidding

But now that I have your attention.......


There is a new alliance afoot!! The Akatsuki is a new alliance of the white team sphere. We are small, but mighty!! Are forums are http://s1.zetaboards.com/cnakatsuki/index/.. Our IRC is #Akatsuki.. And we are protected by the oh so great United Commonwealth of Nations!!

Our Govt:

Director of Interior- General Grievous|||Director of Exterior- Death1090

Minister of Finance-iiNsANiiTy Minister of Communications- TBD

Minister of Membership- TBD Minister of Foreign Affairs- Bobthulhu

Minister of Education- TBD Minister of Defense- TBD

UCN Advisor- Borimir Resurrected


Article I: Membership

Part 1: Introduction

Membership in Akatsuki is rich, satisfying and rewarding.

Members are encouraged to join one of many ministries that each handle one important aspect of the Akatsuki.

Part 2: Advancement in the Akatsuki

Member nations can apply for a position within any ministry, providing that they fulfill the requirements needed for that position, and can rise through the ranks, possibly even becoming Minister of that ministry. After a while of public service, members may decide to run for public office. (see Article III)

Part 3: Involvement and General Existence

Any member is welcome to suggest new bills for implementation. Member nations are actively encouraged to propose improvements to the alliance or the forum.

The more experienced members will educate the younger nations in the finer parts of nation management. And how to wield a katana like a butter knife.

Article II: Member Rights

1. Members have the right to receive aid.

2. Members have the right to be free from insults and derogatory remarks of any kind upon their person whilst on the AKatsuki forums.

3. Members have the right to offer advice and ideas on any aspect of the Akatsuki.

4. Members have the right to have their contributions (of a nature outlined in Right No. 4 above) fully considered by the leadership.

5. Members have the right to suggest changes to any aspect of the alliance, and have those suggestions fully considered by the leadership.

6. Members have the right and are encouraged to criticize any aspect of the Akatsuki.

7. Members have the right to leave the AKatsuki for any reason, apart from those covered above.

8. Members have the right to complete military protection from the Akatsuki.

9. Members have the right call for the impeachment/removal of any other member, providing the reason given is reasonable.

Article III: Government


Ministries are both the bureaucracy and legislature of the Akatsuki. There are 6 Ministries, split into Internal and External. The Interior is made up of the Ministries of Membership, Finance and Education. The Exterior is made up of the Ministries of Defense, Communication and Foreign Affairs. Ministers are elected by the general membership every 2 months. All Ministers have Admin access. They may appoint a Deputy if they feel they need one, and are encouraged to train an apprentice.


Minister of Membership - The Minister of Membership's job is to oversee Recruitment efforts and keep Membership matters under control. He/She is in charge of making sure membership listings are made available and ghosting is kept track of.

Minister of Finance - The Minister of Finance's job is to manage both tech deals and any Aid/Loan programs. Its also his/her responsibility to organize Wartime Aid.

Minister of Education - The Minister of Education is in charge of the Mentoring program. He must oversee Mentors and their trainees but is also a Mentor himself. It is his/her job to make sure new members are nurtured from their entrance into the Akatsuki. He/she is also in charge of the making and maintaining of the Akatsukis's nation-building guides.

These three Ministers make up the Interior Council. Their job is to review any individual Policies made by Internal Ministers; they may be overturned with a 2/3 vote. They vote on any proposed Law's; they are passable with a 2/3 vote. It is also their job to vote on Charter Amendments; the Interior Council, along with the two Directors, must vote unanimously in favor of this to pass.


Minister of Defense - The Minister of Defense's job is to deal with coordinating attacks during war time as well as determining how to respond to rogue attacks. He may change the Akatsuki's alliance Defcon level, though this may be reversed by either Directors or the External Council as a whole.

Minister of Communications - The Minister of Communications' job is to oversee the Akatsuki's Diplomats. It is his/her job to write any newsletters, determine Diplomat's conduct on IRC and foreign forums and to ensure the AKatsuki has good channels of communication around Planet Bob. He/She also may make embassies and diplomat masks.

Minister of Foreign Affairs - The Minister of Foreign Affairs' job is to keep the Akatsuki in good standing on Planet Bob. He/she is to keep up with CN Politics. It is his/her job to ensure the AKatsuki has excellent communication between her allies. Any treaty the Akatsuki signs must be written or reviewed by the MoFA. He/She may also make embassies and diplomatic masks.

These three Ministers make up the Exterior Council. Their job is to review any individual Policies made by External Ministers; they may be overturned with a 2/3 vote. They vote on any proposed Treaties; they are passable with a 2/3 vote. Any Declarations of war are voted on by the External Council with the two Directors; a unanimous vote is required.


The two Directors are the executive of Akatsuki. They are the heads of each of their departments. They have the power to veto decisions made by Ministers in their department. If there is a disagreement as to which Council a certain piece of legislation goes through, the to Directors must work out a solution between themselves. Secretaries' terms are 4 month terms.

Director of the Interior - His job is to oversee the activities of the Interior and preside over Interior Council votes (make sure voting is done smoothly). He can veto any Policies or decisions made by Interior Ministers, but that veto can be overridden by a 3/3 vote by the Interior Council.

Director of the Exterior - His job is to oversee the activities of the Interior and preside over Exterior Council votes (make sure voting is done smoothly). He can veto any Policies or decisions made by Exterior Ministers, but that veto can be overridden by a 3/3 vote by the Exterior Council.

Crisis Chain of Command

In the event of absence of officials during a war, the chain of command is as follows:

Director of the Exterior

Director of the Interior

Minister of Defense

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Communications

Interior Council as a whole

Minister of Membership

Minister of Finance

Minister of Education

These officials may change alliance Defcon and issue Executive Orders if no one else is above them in the order.

Removal of Government Members


May be removed by either their overseeing Minister of a 2/3 vote by their Council.


May be removed by a General Referendum of 25% percent of the alliance voting passable with a 2/3 majority or a vote by that Minister's Council with the addition of the two Secretaries passable with a 3/4 vote.


May be removed by a General Referendum of 25% percent of the alliance voting passable with a 2/3 majority or a vote by that Minister's Council with a unanimous vote.

Replacement of Ministers

When a Minister seat is vacated by resignation or removal, that Minister's respective Secretary must put forth a candidate as a replacement, to be voted on by the remaining respective Councilors for approval. This requires a unanimous vote. The Secretary shall serve as Minister until the candidate is approved.

Article IV

To allow the smooth government of the Akatsuki, a system of laws and policies shall be used.

I. Policies

A policy is a rule or other operating procedure that a minister has proposed. Any minster has the authority to create and change policies within his or her own ministry. A policy is absolute within its own ministry but does not hold any bearing outside it.

II. Laws

A law is an absolute and constant rule or operating procedure that is to be observed and followed by all members and ministries. Any Director has the right to put any ministry of his Office’s policy through a vote of their respective council in order to upgrade it to a Law. In order for a policy to become a Law, it must receive a 3/3 vote from all the ministers or all those casting a vote for that office.

III. Amendments

The Charter is a document that outlines to core principles of the alliance. The Charter is not a document that is easily modified. The Charter is a painting with broad strokes, and should not include many details. Amendments to the Charter are classified as either minor or major. Minor Amendments are small changes to the document, and can be passed with a 5/5 vote by the Interior Council with both Directors voting. A Major Amendment is defined as a large rewrite of the document totaling over 300 words edited, or any Minor Amendment either Secretaries deems as Major. Major Amendments can be passed with an 8/8 vote by both Councils with both Secretaries voting. Either Minor or Major Amendments can be passed with a 2/3 majority vote of the general membership with at least one third of the total members voting.

<3Akatsuki<3UCN<3 Treaty:

In order to promote the sovereignty, growth, and general prosperity of the Akatsuki, the United Commonwealth of Nations (UCN) and Akatsuki hereby enter into this Treaty. The signatory alliances hereby bound in a Treaty of Protection.

Section I- Non-Aggression

Article I

All members of the signatory alliances enter into a commitment of peace towards each other. No nation of either alliance shall declare war with the intention to attack, commit any form of aggressive assault, threaten or abuse members in public or private channels, or spy each other. Both alliances agree not to assist or aid an enemy of either alliance through military or financial means, unless it is approved by the other alliance. It is agreed that any breach of these terms will be met swiftly with action by both alliance's government seek a diplomatic solution.

Section II - Intelligence

If either signatory receive any information that will affect the sovereignty or welfare of the other, that alliance will send this information to a the opposite leader within 24 hours.

Section III- War

Defense -If Akatsuki is threatened, UCN will work with Akatsuki leadership to find a peaceful solution to the problem. In the event that Akatsuki is attacked, UCN is obligated to defend Akatsuki. Akatsuki is not obligated to defend UCN should UCN come under attack, but may do so if they choose.

Aggression - If UCN declares war on a non-signatory alliance, Akatsuki may choose, but is not obligated, to come to UCN's aid. Akatsuki may not declare war on any alliance without authorization from UCN.

Section IV- Aid, Growth and Treaties

Article I- Akatsuki has the right to request of UCN aid to rebuild in the event of a catastrophe. However, since UCN's resources are finite, the request may be denied on reasonable grounds. If UCN is unable to honor the request, it is UCN's duty to fulfill it as soon as possible.

Article II- In order to promote growth and general welfare as outlined in the preamble, UCN will appoint an adviser to Akatsuki. The duty of this adviser will be to provide general help and advice to Akatsuki so that one day Akatsuki will be able to hold it's own on Planet Bob. This single adviser will be granted full member access to Akatsuki forums. However, this adviser may not influence or determine Akatsuki affairs unsolicited. That is up to Akatsuki.

Article III- Akatsuki is free to pursue official relations with any alliance in the game, unless told otherwise about a specific alliance. Also, Akatsuki is free to have treaties with any other alliance. However, any and all treaties need to be submitted to review by the UCN Council so that it can be determined whether or not a such a treaty would be in the general interest of UCN. If a treaty is deemed not suitable by the Council, the treaty must either be renegotiated or called off.

Section V- Termination, Amendments and Disbandment

Article I- This treaty may be terminated at any time by either signatory, as long as 24 hours notice is given..

Article II- Akatsuki may not disband without the express permission of the Exterior Council of UCN.

Article III- This treaty may be amended to as the need arises. An amendment to this treaty will be considered like an entirely new treaty were being proposed.


For the United Commonwealth of Nations:

Borimir Resurrected, Secretary of Insatiable Lust

Popsumpot, Secretary of Entertaining Kangaroos

Nutkase, Minister of Flatulence and Asshatery

DonPinguino, Minister of Crazily Lazy

For Akatsuki:

GeneralGrievous, Director of Interior

Death, Director of Exterior

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A great delceration, to be sure.

My thoughts exactly :D

[07:25:29pm] <GeneralGrievous[Akat|IC]> omg http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=61286

[07:26:58pm] <jonnygozy[uCN]> nice typo

[07:28:03pm] <Borimir> lolol

[07:28:49pm] <Borimir> Yeah GG you may have wanted to spell "Declaration" right

[07:29:12pm] <GeneralGrievous[Akat|IC]> SHUT UP!

[07:30:37pm] <Basher[uCN-DMoD]> F

[07:30:39pm] <Basher[uCN-DMoD]> A

[07:30:40pm] <Basher[uCN-DMoD]> I

[07:30:40pm] <Basher[uCN-DMoD]> L

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You didn't have my attention because of the title, because anyone on the NPO Front would have checked at LEAST the title's spelling.

On another note, congrats I guess.

Edited by Rey the Great
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That which I took notice of is that you are a white alliance. I will be honest and say that I did not pay attention to much of the rest. We have seen alot of new alliances not last. Here is to you lasting and becoming a player in the white sphere.

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