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United Kingdom of Buryatia Military Factbook

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United Kingdom of Buryatia Military Factbook


(OOC: Most of the information in this factbook can be considered to be classified. Any questions regarding this factbook can be sent to me via PM)

Total Available Soldiers: 827,960

Ground Forces: 754,000

Naval Forces: 40,000

Air Forces: 20,900

Special Internal Security: 3,060

Military Intelligence Unit: 4,000

Humanitarian Aid Division (unarmed): 3,000 (civilians)

Secondary Defense Corps: 6,000

People’s Army of Buryatia:




Buryatia’s Ground forces made up entirely of professional soldiers who are tasked with the defense of Buryatia, her people and her allies from any threat be it internal or external. The government does not permit citizens to apply to join the armed forces instead a highly trained team of military officials (including doctors, psychiatrists and Training Coordinators) evaluate every child enrolled in a 2 year Military Fundamentals program to select those who appear to have special abilities. These select recruits then undergo rigorous military training for at least three years before the best soldiers are selected to serve in the People’s Army.

Commander: General Dmitri Pushkov


Main Battle Tank:

T-90B (Modified)

M1A2 Abrams

Standard Issue Arms:

-5.56mm M21S Assault Rifle/40mm grenade launcher

-M93 Long Range Rifle

-M70 B1 assault rifle

-M70 AB2 assault rifle

Armored Personnel Carriers

BC-091B (Based on the BTR-90)

BM-113 (Based on the M113 APC)

Transport Helicopters

B-26A (Based on the Mil Mi-26)

B-33O (Based on the Ka-62M Kasatka)

Attack Helicopters

Mi-24 – few held in storage


B-52Z (Based on Kamov Ka-52)

Multiple Rocket Launchers:

BM-30V (Modified)

BA-774 Dragon Breath (Based on the TOS-1)

BA-732C (Based on the BM-21 Grad)

Air Defense Systems:

S-300V Thordain (Modified)

S-400 Trident

BA-210 AA Gun (Based on ZSU-23-4)


Artillery (Towed and Self Propelled)

BAR-2618 Yuri (2S3 Akatsiya )[self Propelled]

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

BS-021Z Buddha’s Eyes (Based on the MQ-9 Reaper)

Infantry Fighting Vehicles

VZ-03 Lion (BMP-3M)

VZ-04Bear (9P162 "Kornet-T" anti tank version)

VZ-05.3 Behemoth (Anti air version of the BMP-3)

VZ-06 Gatekeeper (BPM-97)- Deployed to National Guard units only

Buryat People’s Naval Forces


The Naval Forces of Buryatia are primarily responsible for the defense of the Territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zone of the United Kingdom of Buryatia. The Naval forces of Buryatia are primarily based along the north coast of the country however there is a single Naval base on the southern coast that was primarily for the Humanitarian Aid Division and the Coast Guard, but now houses the South Siberian Fleet.

Commander: Fleet Admiral Liu


Naval Transport Helicopters

V-33Z (Based on the Ka-64)* in planning phase

V-33O (Based on the Ka-62M Kasatka)

Naval Aircraft




Navy Ships and Submarines

Putin Class Aircraft Carriers:

BNS Zhukov

BNS Sakha

BNS Aldan

BNS Excelsior

Vladimir Class Destroyers

BNS Medvedev

BNS Lenin

BNS Krasnoyarsk

BNS Volga

BNS Vojvodina

Sparta Class Frigates

BNS Dmitri

BNS Kronprinz

BNS Vograd

BNS Imperator

BNS Stalingrad

Imperial Class Submarine

BNS Vodka*

BNS Olenyok

Romanov Class Battleships

BNS Nikolai

*Under Construction at the Kolyma Shipyards

Navy Anti-Ship Missiles

B-01A Mudkip (Based on Exocet, Submarine Launched) Range: 70–180 km

B-01B Katerina (Based on Exocet, Ship Launched) Range: 70–180 km

B-01C Kharkov (Based on Exocet, Fighter Launched) Range: 70–180 km

B-99A Crab (Based on the BrahMos, Submarine Launched) Range:290 km

B-99B Dolphin (Based on the BrahMos, Ship Launched) Range:290 km

B-99C Scorpion (Based on the BrahMos, Land launched) Range:290 km

B-12F Hammer (Based on the Harpoon, Ship Launched) Range: 93–315 km

Buryat People’s Air Forces




The People’s Air Forces is the primary air wing of the military and is made up of a number of different aircraft depending on their roles. The air force has the dual responsibility of protecting the airspace and territory of the United Kingdom of Buryatia from threats, as well as to augment the actions of other branches of the military. Several pilots in the BPAF previously served in Vaule’s Air Force where they gained significant experience and training.

Commander: General Bayar Khan


Transport Aircraft

B-2A Leviathan (C-130 Hercules)

B-22 Snail (An-22) *Being phased out

Aerial refueling Aircraft

B-2081 (Based on the Il-78)

Recon Aircraft

Bu-24E (Su-24M)

Bu-24Z (Su-24MR)

A-50M Shmel

Fighter Aircraft




MiG-29* grounded and held in reserve

MiG-31*Planned to begin phasing out in 3 years

Bomber Aircraft

Bu-160 Angel (Tu-160M)

Bu-95 Halo (Tu-95MSM)* to be phased out in 2 years


Special Internal Security Branch (SISB)


The Special Internal Security Branch is a military unit that is primarily responsible for the identification, location and elimination of internal threats to the people, territory and state of Buryatia. Very little information about this military branch is known, and its leaders are known only to the reigning Monarch.

Commander: Classified

Military Intelligence Unit


The Military Intelligence Unit is responsible for the co-ordination, communication and security of both civilian and military data, communications and systems from unauthorized access by any party, as well as battlefield communication systems, co-ordination and reconnaissance. It is also believed that this unit is the nation’s Spy Agency, however such information is vehemently denied and any records classified.

Commander: Lt. General Zelin

Secondary Defense Corps


The Secondary Defense Corps is tasked with the defense of the territory of the United Kingdom of Buryatia from the threats of nuclear or missile strikes. The unit has control of the nation’s Missile Defense systems as well as the Strategic Defense Initiative, and operates fairly independently of other military divisions. The nation’s offensive missile systems are also under the control of the SDC.

Commander: *classified*


S-300V Thordain (Modified)

S-400 Trident

S-398 Odin (MIM-104 Patriot)

S-510.2 Zenith (Theater High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system) * Being Deployed

BMDN-01228C (Based on the Russian A-135 anti ballistic missile system)

BMDN-01228C Information:

Interceptor #1: RB-08Z- Antelope (SH-08 Gazelle)

Range: 80km

Silo based

Interceptor #2: RB-09E-Elephant (SH-11 Gorgon)

Range: 350km

Silo based

Offensive Missile Systems:

Short Range:

V-02A Indefatigable (Based on the SS-1 Scud) Range: 300-700km

V-04C Dauntless (Based on the DF-15) Range: 600km

V-92 Xandrovich A (Based on the SS-26 Stone) Range: 400km

V-93 Xandrovich B (Based on the SS-26 Stone) Range: 280km

Medium Range:

V-10 Shiva (Based on the Iranian Shahab 3) Range: 1900km

V-09 Vishnu (Based on the Soviet R-5 Pobeda): 1200km

Intercontinental Ballistic Missile:

V-35 Goldeneye (Based on the SS-19 Stiletto) Range: 10,000km

V-39 Archangel (Based on the SS-25 Sickle) Range: 10,500km

V-41 Imperial (Based on the SS-27 Sickle B.) Range: 11,000km

Anti-satellite Missiles

V-8092C Grand Divina (Based on the ASM-135 ASAT) Range: 648km

Humanitarian Aid Division


The Humanitarian Aid Division is a group of civilian doctors, security units, scientists and specialists who are trained to provide humanitarian aid to those affected by a major disaster. The Humanitarian Aid Division is not actually a unit of the military as they do not receive military training or funding, but they operate a small base on the southern coast of the country. In order to effectively disperse aid, the Humanitarian Aid Division has been given several Humvees by the government, and has purchased transport craft from the military that have been modified for civilian use.

Commander: Dr. Mikhail Kalinovic


Non-military Transport ships

C-130 Modified

Nuclear Response Corps

Nuclear Missiles:

Silo Based:

V-12 Petya (Based on the Soviet R-12 Dvina) Range: 2100 km

Submarine launched:

V-15 Widowmaker (Based on the Trident missile) Range: >4,000nm, 7,360 km

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