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The DoE's are invading!!

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The Orange Star

Declaration of Existence

(Yes, ANOTHER one...)


Now I'm not one for huge speeches or anything, so I shall simply leave you with our charter, forums and irc channel:

Charter of The Orange Star alliance

We came, We saw, We ate a salad



We, the nations of The Orange Star (OS), lay forth this charter to signify our common friendship. OS shall reside on the orange trading sphere. We agree to treat all other members of OS with the greatest respect; we also agree to treat all foreign visitors with the same respect we would expect ourselves. We agree to help all other members of OS by an means necessary, should the need ever arise.

Article I:

Joining The Orange Star:

All unaligned nations of planet bob shall be welcome to join OS, providing they meet the necessary requirements, which are:

  • The ruler applying to join OS must have only one nation.
  • The nation applying to join OS must be on the orange team, unless the nation is over 1000 nation strength AND has a complete trade circle OR is working on completing a trade circle.
  • The nation applying to join OS must have no active wars.
  • The nation applying to join OS must not be aligned to any other alliance.
  • The nation applying to join OS must not be on any ZI lists.

If the nation meets all the following criteria, they will be considered for membership within the OS. The nation will be required to fill out an application form in the OS Applications forum. Upon posting this application, the nation will be authorised to set their Alliance Affiliation to "OS Applicant" until their application is accepted or denied.

The official Alliance Affiliation for all OS members shall be "The Orange Star"

Article II:

Government of The Orange Star:

The Orange Star shall be ruled by the following government system:

  • President
  • Councillors
  • Secretaries of State, the Interior and Defence

The President:

The President of OS shall serve as the head of the alliance.

The President shall be chosen by a fair election every 3 months.

The president shall have the power to:

  • Submit treaties with other alliances to the council and/or the general assembly for discussion and/or voting.
  • Submit treaty cancellations to the council and/or general assembly for discussion and/or voting.
  • Expel any member of OS, with the full support of the council.
  • Remove any government official from their position, with the full support of the council.
  • Accept or deny applicants to OS.
  • Make amendments to this document, with a majority vote from the council.
  • Start the election process each month.
  • Start the voting process for chief councillor.
  • Vote for chief councillor in the event of a tie.
  • Appoint a government position to any member of OS to fulfil the rest of the current term, should the position become vacant.

The Council:

The council of OS shall consist of 6 members of OS.

2 council seats will come up for election every month, with each councillor serving a 3 month term.

The council will vote for one councillor to fulfil the role of chief councillor, who shall serve as the head of the council.

In the event of a tie, The President shall cast the deciding vote for chief councillor.

Should The President be temporarily absent from the alliance, the chief councillor shall assume the role of The President until The President is able to return to the alliance.

The chief councillor shall start all council votes or discussions on topics such as treaties or member expulsion.

The chief councillor shall keep this role until they are no longer a member of the council of OS.

Each councillor shall have 1 vote, and the chief councillor shave have 1.5 votes, in order to prevent any ties in the voting system.

The council of OS shall have the power to:

  • Vote to offer/accept/deny treaties with other alliances.
  • Vote to expel any member of OS.
  • Vote to remove any government official from their position.
  • Accept or deny applicants to OS.
  • Vote for chief councillor.
  • Call for a review on new application to OS.
  • Accept / Deny applicants to OS.

Secretaries of The Orange Star:

There shall be 3 secretary positions within OS:

  • Secretary of Defence
  • Secretary of the Interior
  • Secretary of State

Each secretary position shall be appointed to a member of OS by the President and the Council.


The secretary of defence shall serve as the head of the OS Military. They shall have the power to run the defence department as they wish.

The secretary of defence will also have the power to:

  • Declare war on any alliance which holds no treaties.
  • Declare war on any alliance attacking OS.
  • Declare war on any alliance attacking allies of OS.
  • Declare war on any other alliance, with the support of both the president AND the council of OS.
  • Declare peace with any alliance.
  • Demand reparations from any nation which has attacked OS, with the agreement of the council of OS.


The secretary of the interior shall serve as the head of internal affairs, including (but not limited to): aid, trades, recruitment and tech sales.


The secretary of state shall serve as the head of foreign affairs. They shall have the power to assign diplomats to other alliances. The secretary of state shall also have the power to submit treaties to the council and general assembly for discussion and/voting.

Any secretary of OS may appoint any members of OS to be the heads of different departments.

Article III:

The General Assembly:

The general assembly shall consist of every member of OS, from the time they are accepted, until they leave the alliance, should they choose to.

The general assembly shall have the power to:

  • Vote in all elections.
  • Vote for or against any treaties with other alliances, should the opportunity arise.
  • Request that a government official is removed from their position, with at least 70% support from the rest of the general assembly.
  • Run in any elections.
  • Request amendments to this document, with the support of the council of OS.

Article IV:


The election process in OS shall begin of the 10th of each month, and shall consist of 3 stages:




The President will start the process by opening the nomination and acceptance topics.

The general assembly of OS may nominate any member other than themselves to run for a government position within the alliance.

Each member will require at least 3 nominations to appear in the voting stage.

Members who already hold the position up for election will NOT be automatically nominated.

When nominated, members must either accept or decline their nomination in the acceptance topic.

After 48 hours of nomination and acceptances, the voting process shall begin.

The President shall open a voting topic, where the general assembly may vote for the winner of the election.

The voting process shall last for a further 48 hours.

After this time, the member with the most votes will assume their government role.

Article V:

Resigning from The Orange Star:

Any member who wishes to leave OS must post a new topic in the resignations forum.

The member must then remove "The Orange Star" from their nations alliance affiliation.

The nation will no longer be a member of OS after these steps are completed.

Any nation which removes the "The Orange Star" alliance affiliation without posting a resignation topic will no longer be considered a member of OS.

Any nation which has left OS will be welcome to re-apply at least one month after posting a resignation topic.

Article VI:


No. OS will not merge with ANY alliance. Ever.

Article VII:


In the situation that any member of government feels that OS cannot continue, a meeting shall take place to try to avoid disbandment. OS may look to allies for advice on what direction to take.

Should it be inevitable that OS has to disband, members will be given 48 hours notice in advance. OS will offer full protection to all members under the "The Orange Star" AA during this 48 hour period. A public announcement will be made concerning the OS disbandment once the 48 hour period is over.

Article VIII:

War & Peace:

OS is a peaceful alliance. We shall attempt to avoid war as far as possible. Should OS have a disagreement with any other alliance, we shall always attempt to achieve a peaceful resolution.

OS shall always defend itself should it be attacked.

OS shall always honour all defensive treaties it holds with allies.

The President and the Secretary of Defence reserve the right to take OS to war.

Article IX:

Nuclear Weapons:

The Orange Star supports the development of nuclear weapons.

OS shall only launch nukes should we be hit by one first.

The President and Secretary of Defence reserve the right to order the launch of nukes.

Article X:

Expulsion from The Orange Star:

The government of The Orange Star reserve the right to expel any member from OS, providing a legitimate reason for expulsion is given. Reasons for expulsion may include, but are not limited to:

  • Declaring war on any nation without authorisation
  • Launching nuclear weapons without authorisation
  • OOC attacks towards any other nation, OS or otherwise
  • Being found on any ZI lists


The General Assembly of The Orange Star

OS Forums

IRC: #orangestar on irc.coldfront.net

Thank you,


President of The Orange Star

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