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Another question, what exactly is defined as filter evasion? I know that recently a large number of wars were removed for it, which the declaration reason I will not repeat here since it was deemed warn worthy already, but it was definitely not what I would have considered filter evasion.

So I ask I guess - are these types of war declarations acceptable?

"wtf why not?"

"oh glorious tech!! << ghey :D"

"WAPA YA BASS" x5 or so

"wtf ined!"

"Poland is the shizz yo!"

"eeeh wtf not?"


"u just got staggerd mofo"

etc, are just some examples I happened to see browing through the war pages in TE/S.

Are all those wars eligible for removal, for violation of filters (since it is quite clear what they are trying to say in most cases)? I honestly was surprised to get the ingame warn in the first place for the declarations I made and would like to clarify what is considered filter violation.

Many thanks


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What you are referring to are popular internet memes where the abbreviation has become an accepted word in and of itself.

The difference with the TE warns is that a filtered 4 letter word was used, first letter substituted with the letter 'C' so it would still pronounce the same, and used in a context where only a filtered 4 letter word would be used. There's really not a better example of filter evasion, this fits the definition spot-on, and we've warned for it for years now. The decision is final, thanks.

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