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Tragedy in Lu Zhang


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"During today a Horrible Tragedy has Occurred in the Lu Imperial City of LuZhang, during a parade to celebrate the nationalization of Lu which was held by the Royal Prince Lu Huang son to Emperor Lu Tai and late Empress Mei Wu."

"A Suicide bomber who was said to be one of the conspirators against the empire came out of the surrounding crowd without notice until the guards realized what was going on a few shots where fired and the first suicide bomber and killed him but before he died he activated the bomb setting off a devastating explosion killing 7 guards and 11 civilians , and without Notice another bomber was found but it was to late he reached Prince Lu huang's Car before the guards could save him. "

This is the picture of the Prince

Prince Lu Huang


We will now show Visual of the area of the bombing


"The Emperor ordered the search of the Conspirators a few mins later after the Death of Prince Lu Haung during the Search 29 Conspirators where found within the city of Lu Zhang and are now being transported to the Satdium for a Public Execution and to be broadcast Live, we will go to it now".


On the Throne a enraged Emperor sit's as guards have him protected from each area "People of Lu!!! The men you see before you a traitors to me , you ,and our Nation!!! they shall be Publicly Executed for the death of my son Lu Huang and their bodys will burn as it will be my son's vengeance against them!!", Soldiers aimed their guns at the traitors then Lu Tai lift his hand up ,"Fire!!!!", he said as he threw his hand down.

Gun's fired upon the traitors as the crowd insults the traitors as each of them where killed , after the gun fired stopped the soldiers untied each shot up body and threw them onto the ground ."Now lite their body's on Fire until their is nothing but ash!!!", the bodys where poured with gasoline and a match was thrown on top of the stack of body's.

"May this serve as a Warning whoever dares to defy my rule will be killed i shall not show no mercy who ever threatens me!!!".

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"We sympathize with the Emperor and the loss of his Son. I can definitely understand how it feels when radicals take the life of a loved one. I am glad to see that justice was served. I pray your son see's paradise and that though angered your governance will continue as benevolently to your people as always in its mercy. Let me tell you now you will wrestle with many dark demons in your soul that will make you want to lash out.. and that you will not even know who you should truly lash out against.. be vigilant, do not let them trick you into unnecessary violence." The Chairman of Dragonisia would respond via personal letter to the Emperor.

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We offer our deepest condolences to the Emperor. To answer that question, there may be many reasons as to why that may be the case, revolution, autonomy or independence, many other things. As Emperor, you must see that their goals should not be met using terror. Yuktobania will be there to help if you need it.

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"Dear Emperor,

I have been shocked at the personal tragedy that befell you, and fully support the punishment you meted out to the those barbarian perpetrators. In your eyes Lu Huang shall always be the toddler who ran around you, holding your fingers. But to people in your nation he is more than that, he is a symbol, a beacon of the Empire. And it is that beacon that they tried to extinguish. Your beloved son has been martyred. Draw courage, Sir. You and Your empire needs you to draw courage at moments like this. My prayers for your and your family's well being."


His Highness Rama Varma,

The King of Cochin.

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The Nation of Nod would like to formally enquire as to the possible motives of the bombers....having our nation's history thoroughly intertwined with a military experienced in paramilitary and insurgency tactics, we would like to question why the bombers did not simply target you, if they were so-called traitors?

It is always best to cut off the head of the beast, than strike down an innocent child, if one is to bring about a drastic change

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