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Italian economy recovers from meltdown

Agostinho Neto

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RAI Radio Televisione Italiana

One week after Italy's economy melted down, triggering food riots, supermarket lootings, devaluation and debt default, it's now rare to see desperate families Dumpster-diving for rotting vegetables, and those classified as poor have gone from more than 70% percent of the population of 8500 thousand to about a third.

Italy has posted three days of uninterrupted growth and has already renegotiated a new trade partnership with the Republic of Transvaal after the largest default Italy has known. The small Republic exported its way out of the economic crisis, registering an increase of the Avg. Gross Income Per Individual Per Day by 7,5€ in 72 hours. Today, the government invested 900.000€ in infrastructures to boost tourism, happiness and construction, and completed the construction of the Olympic stadium "San Siro", inaugurated by the Minister of Sport and Youth.


Construction workers in Milan

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population of 8500 million

OOC: 8.5 billion?

IC: The Nation of Selenarctos is both impressed and inspired by this dramatic turnaround of the Italian economy. Congratulations to the Partito Nazionale Fascista.

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