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TTK Temporary Protectorate Announcement

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By an officiated official decree of officiality...

... I hear by announce to all who bear these presence

Temporary Protection Agreement Between the The Templar Knights and The Other Side

The Templar Knights are hereby protecting the Alliance known as The Other Side (or TOS) for the period of 30 days starting from the posting of this announcement.

Every alliance deserves the chance to prosper, TOS asked for this opportunity and TTK was happy to accept. With so many Declarations of self-determination, TTK are determined to help TOS with their future Endeavours.

An attack on TOS will be considered an attack on TTK for this time period.

TTK reserves the right to cancel this protection before the end of the time limit, should aggressive wars or actions emanate from TOS. TTK also reserves the right to upgrade this to a formal agreement before the time limit expires, as it sees fit.

The Templar Knights

Cruce Signati

Regent of Omerta



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This has been an official TTK announcement. All questions or concerns should be directed to TTK's Marshal of Foreign Affairs.

P.S TOS DoE can be found here:- http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=61255

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I'll probably get a warn for this since it's been two days but RL has kept me covered up of late.

Just wanted to say Your welcome to Rulesaints and TOS. It's always been a pleasure to work with you guys.

Bud, thanks to you too for that comment but it needs no recognition. Got some good folks there, they make me want to be the scapegoat lol.

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