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People's Republic of Kaintuck founded.

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Tonight in the small city-states known as Lower-Israel, the famed General of the People's Rebellion in the Mid East finally received his wish. General David De-Klerk lead hundreds of thousands of screaming communist militamen into government buildings and military buildings. Met with little resistance, a few short hours later the People's Republic of Kaintuck was born.

Tonight, brothers. We have broken the bonds of capitalisim, we have broken the bonds of Islam, and we have broken the bonds of tyranny and defeat. Tonight the new nation of prosperity, the new nation of the people is born. Kaintuck will grow and it will prosper as a unified confederacy, under my control the nation will see great times. The people have spoken with an iron fists, the ways of Josef Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx and Mao Zedong will be envoked in the building of our great nation. Tonight a new leaf is hereby turned over, tonight the new nation of Kaintuck is born! LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION!

Thousands of people took to the streets in celebration of the newly formed government, militamen shot guns into the air as well as many taking to the streets of Isrograd, what is beleived to be the new capital city of Kaintuck, to meet the new glorious immortal leader.

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There is little to no sense in not recognizing them. They probably care very little of the fact that you don't recognize them or not. They are in control, they have the power.

The fact of they care or not is not our concern.

We are simply stating a fact.

50% of nations on this post have refused to accept them.

I think it's fair to say they are a fail nation.

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