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Eggman Empire:International aid available

Eggman Empire

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[qoute]To the world, on behalf of the Eggman Empire and myself, I have two announcements to make. The first holds the greatest significance, while the second is largely an internal affair.The first announcement is this: As Eggman Empire watched nuclear bombs fall over the past months, we watched quietly and did nothing. As nations such as Hanseatic Commonwealth and Procinctia smoldered, we sat by and did nothing. Although we told ourselves it was because we had recently come out of a chaotic stretch, in reality we really wanted nothing to do with the many happenings of other nations.

I suppose it's our nature. Eggman Empire is a fairly isolationist nation more focused on conquering scientific mysteries then the world. "So what if some rubes destroy each other. Not our fight, not our fault." We said to ourselves. Well I say no more! As of today Eggman Empire will, at the very least, supply aid to nations needing it. At this very moment, we have two large aid packages ready for Procinctia and Hanseatic Commonwealth.

Unfortunately our resources are not infinite, we will render aid, but only if the nation in question cannot handle the problem by itself. But for such instances like devastating wars or a cataclysmic natural disaster, aid will be ready and waiting.

One a related note, the ministers to contact to request aid are Blyzar Dreth; Head Minister of External Affairs, and our newly appointed Avita Karnikov; Head Minister of Medicine and Science. Which by the way is the other thing I was going to announce. Well my friends, that is all I have to say. Hopefully the world will take us up on our offer. This is Emperor Sammyace Kintober, signing off.[/qoute]


*An hour later, in a vault-bunker beneath Robotropolis.*

"I don't like!"

"As much as I hate to agree with Minister Ryst, I must concur."

"Shut up Voi!"

"GENTLEMEN!" Iblis Kray; Head Senate Chancellor, yelled, silencing the inevitable argue between Phil Ryst and Hank Voi. "Although I must admit the Emperor's announcement is highly unorthodox, I must also state that he has never steered us wrong before." Any further conversation was cut short by the entrance of Kintober with Karnikov's arm around his. Ryst scowled, Voi raised an eyebrow, Kray sighed, and Dreth yawned.

"Good day sirs, if you haven't met Avita, I suggest you do. She's quiet brilliant." Kintober said.

"You are too kind, my Emperor." Karnikov blushed.

"Please tell me you gave her this position because she has some brains inside that ditzy head of hers." Ryst grumbled, glaring daggers at Karnikov, making her hide behind Kintober a little.

"Ryst, you hurt me. You think I survived over hundred assassination attempts because I fall for the first pretty face I see?" Kintober asked, a dangerous edge entering his voice.

"Well, no, I-" Ryst started, but Kintober cut him off and answered his own question.

"Of course not! Because I am a genius, probably one of the greatest the world has ever known! Believe me, I had her thoroughly investigated. I even know about that one incident she had in grade school involving...well, that's a story for her to tell." Avita gaped at him and blushed furiously. "Sorry. Had to make sure I could trust you." He apologised. "But enough of that! Time to move onto business." He turned to Blyzar Dreth. "The aid is ready?"

"As ready as it'll ever be." Dreth said, picking the dirt out from under his fingernails.

"Excellent!, Voi, is the tour for whatshisname from Promised Land ready yet?"

"Yes, Admiral Hunt will be arriving at Eggman International within the week. His 'tour' route is all picked out." Hank Voi replied.

"Excellent!" Kintober exclaimed.

"Sir, I must express some concern about this tour. The whole plan could backfire." Dreth replied.

"Pansy..." Ryst muttered under his breath. Dreth scowled at him.

"I assure you all, everything will go according to plan. Nothing will go wrong and no incidents will happen. The Admiral will love his visit here." Kintober said. "Now, I must take my leave. Avita, you stay here so the rest of my inner circle can get to know you and come to trust you. Bye!" With that, Kintober detached himself from Avita, spun around, and walked out the door. Avita stood there like a fish out of water.

"Yeah, he does that alot." Kray apologized to Avita.


OOC:Avita Bio:

Name Avita Karnikov

Occupation:Head Minister of Medicine and Science





Hair/eye color:Brown/green.

Info:A brilliant mind in regard to all things related to medical science. Otherwise she is somewhat naive and a little ditzy. She is attractive, but is unable to hold a boyfriend because of her interest. Despite her brilliant mind and numerous scholarships, she has yet to achive a degree of any kind, mainly due to being kicked out of every university and college she has entered. Mostly because of her unorthodox methods of testing her theories. Kintober literally ran into her after giving a lecture at Großer Verstand University(An important medical college that works closely with major pharmaceutical companies). She was in the process of moving out after the university canceled her scholarship because she had been arrested by the police for digging up a grave so she could prove a theory about reanimating the dead. She seems to have a split personality. On side is an extremely nice person. Caring, loving, somewhat motherly. The other pursues her theories to the extreme, with disregard to to human life, dignity, or rights. The latter is probably the reason why Kintober is so infatuated with her.

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