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Vote to Disband TEC


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Due to the fall of the GNR, the original reason for the True European Coalition is no longer as strong a point as it used to be. Europe needs a new system, not an aggressively nationalistic bloc. With this in mind, I believe it is in Europe's best interest to disband this coalition and work towards a new bloc or system of alliances that can function without a scapegoat. The end of the TEC is not the end of European cooperation, but the beginning of it.

I vote yes on Disbandment:

Disband the TEC:

Yes: 1

No: 0

To Vote: ADI, Proxia, Slavorussia

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We feel TEC may still have a job to do enforcing the surrender terms as some former GNR constituent states have not fully lived up to their commitments. However if the countries of Europe can work together to make sure the terms are fulfilled then we agree TEC has achieved it’s goal, and disband.

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We would rather see a proposal for a 'new bloc' before making our decision.

We believe that the best plan for this bloc would be a Pan-European Defense and Economic initiative. It would strive to create Unity in Post-Nordland Europe, while also allowing nations to act independently.

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