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*Classified messages to Dragonisia*


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*Classified transmission*

Dranagg seeks to send the Dragonisian division that we had requested stationed here to be moved from the Capital to Port Kurast. New Barracks buildings are being constructed already regardless of decision, and will be occupied either by Dragonisian soldiers or Dranaggan Regulars.


*Classified letter to the Chairman of Dragonisia, from Tahsir Re*

-Note has been dictated. No quarantine requirement. Ina Saari, House secretary for Re House.-

There is some slight worry among my ministers and advisors to the Dragon Empires recent announcements of sovereignty of its neighbors. Such acts do not pass over well with the world community, and as an outside observer, and ally, to the Dragon Empire I feel I must ask if there is any way to prevent more of the declarations before someone takes offense. The declarations might be in the best of wishes, but the last one not to be declared sovereign might expect an invasion. A mutual non-aggression pact with your neighbors would be more politically suitable, and better received by the world.

*End of letter*

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The Dragonisian Military accepted the request and the soldiers were moved out to the barracks as requested.

The response from the Chairman came a few days later,

"People who misunderstand a guarantee of independence as anything more than good will between two states are simply paranoid. The work of the Empire does not stop because of a few paranoid nations. Besides, the expressed paranoia may be false.. an expression of our potential enemies in an attempt to undermine our diplomatic efforts in the region. That said, we've already evaluated the perspective you have noted and evaluated that though others may get that impression falsely by whatever means, without us acting upon such concerns to be belligerent or aggressive there is no justification for such fears. Therefore, the guarantees will stand for the sake of those we need to protect to keep Asia safe and stable."

"Additionally, we've seen the wisdom in a historic precedence in which states protected their neighbors in order to also protect themselves. It is a doctrine of 'buffer states' and fits soundly with our goals of security of self and region in Asia. At this point we don't see any others in the region we need to secure or to soothe. That said, the guarantees are currently on hold til we find someone who meets our criteria for such a declaration again."

Maelstrom Vortex

-The Chairman

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