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I need a new alliance


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Why don't you try becoming a valuable member of CoR? They are very good people and I'm sure if you prove to them you are worth the investment that you can grow your nation as quickly as any other.

If this is a problem and you think you can't succeed without immediate money for starting up, then give me a ring and I'll figure it out for you. Either way, don't leave CoR just because of money, most alliances won't give aid to people that are just out for the cash.

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While we don't offer 3 million just for signing up, we *do* offer it to anyone who participates in our larger growth program (which will boost your nation even further) than 3 million alone.

www.cnangelite.com if you're interested. IRC is #angelite or irc.cnangelite.com if you don't have a client.

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