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3BR - Trade Circle (Blue Team)


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Triple set - Construction/Fast Food/Beer. Increases population, whilst still providing a substantial reduction in Infra costs and upkeep.

Resources: Aluminum, Cattle, Fish, Iron, Lumber, Marble, Pigs, Spices, Sugar, Water, Wheat & Gems

Bonus Resources: Beer, Construction & Fast Food.

Current Trade Possibilities:

aluminum.gif Aluminum - kuruma

cattle.gif Cattle - kaleckton

fish.gif Fish - kk47ugftw

iron.gif Iron - kk47ugftw

lumber.gif Lumber - kuruma

marble.gif Marble

pigs.gif Pigs - kaleckton or Assasin Turtle

spices.gif Spices - Chapkatsu

sugar.gif Sugar - MaddoxMcLovin

water.gif Water - Assasin Turtle

wheat.gif Wheat - Chapkatsu

gems.gif Gems - MaddoxMcLovin

Note: Conker and Chapkatsu double up on one resource.

If I get enough people even if they already have the above resources that are taken, I will try to finish the 2nd circle also. :D

Will add from replies here and in CN messages.

Second Circle (Back-ups)

Conker - Pigs

Conker - Spices

King Zenu - Aluminium

King Zenu - Spices

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